Losing My Religion is a New Film being made ...

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  • sleepingbeauty

    Theres a New film in production called ' LosingMyReligion'. Its being Produced by Stephan McGuire who is a proper film producer who happens to have been brought up as a Jehovahs Witness. Think Leonardo Dicaprio got something to do with making it too :)

    Interesting as well is that a Charity is being set up because of the film and it called 'Lost & Found'...

    Lost & Found is a London based center offering "Life-Transition Counseling" for former religious cult members. By offering empathetic support and higher-education scholarships, Lost & Found assists both youths and adults in achieving self empowerment as they adjust to their new lives.

    To view the Film Trailor follow this link:


    Theres a Facebook Page too that you all might to join to see updates of the films release :


    Lets hope the movies a good one !!!!

  • sleepingbeauty
  • DeeDubs

    Leonardo has family ties in NY and they are Jdubs on Longisland. Not a strong family, but they are still active.

  • sleepingbeauty

    Makes sense now for Leonardo to have involvement in making this film then !

  • DeeDubs

    I dont know if he was ever associated. I dont want to start any rumors...just to clarify. But I know his cousins are.

  • BurnTheShips

    This is fantastic.


  • AndersonsInfo

    The voice heard on the trailer talking about the destruction of gays and wicked people belongs to old time Bethelite and Writing Dept. staff member, Ciro Aulicino. Yes, this is the same person who went to the UN every Wednesday to their library on a so-called press pass and told me he could now attend UN meetings. What Ciro didn't tell me was that it was then that the Society had become an NGO to get that pass and other perks.

    Oh, by the way, Ciro is the one who wrote the first Awake! cover series article extolling the UN that is found in the Sept. 8, 1991 Awake!

    For what it's worth, I've had some interaction with Stephen McGuire over the past four years and watched how successful he's become as a film director. Stephen has been determined to bring to fruition this film, Loosing My Religion, for quite some time and I'm pleased to see that he's actively moving ahead. He's quite a guy and puts his money where his mouth is. And he certainly needs some of our money too to get this project moving. Personally, I'm not making an endorsement because that's sort of meaningless. Who am I to say where a person should donate money to. Each of us participates in activities after personal investigation and comes to their own conclusions in such matters. We all want our money to be well spent to accomplish the biggest bang for our bucks. I'm just saying that I'm happy that Stephen is so determined to use his medium to tell the world about the injustice of shunning.

    One thing about Stephen and some of the other former JWs that hang out together-- there are lots of activists in this group who are shaking up the WT world here and abroad that most of us are not aware of. They go behind the scenes and do their thing to make the press and government understand what is really happening to the human rights of former JWs and they deserve our thanks. Sometimes we see the results but never think how many people it took to get to the final outcome.

    Many people have the notion that Watch Tower will never collapse because they don't see anything transpiring in their world with regards to WT's control and power, or with their JW relatives and friends leaving the religion. But believe me, things are happening, many times quietly, unbeknownst to you and me that has put the fear in the WT, especially in the realm of their shunning policies. Their attorneys know that if the voices against shunning get louder and louder thereby influencing public opinion, they will be forced to change or disappear mainly through few converts or through a huge loss of members.

    Internationally, human rights rules differ and the WT knows this, so how they handle what they say in press releases or letters about shunning situations are different. This means activists have to be aware of the laws of each area they protest in. This is not a simple undertaking, but slowly there is progress being made. I never thought ten years ago that WT's image would be so damaged over the expose' of their pedophile protection policies, but with the Internet and other media, it's a done deal. Now, with so many voices speaking up over shunning, just wait and see what the next ten years will bring. Nothing happens over night, but slowly, one newspaper article, radio or TV talk show, or news or documentary program, at a time, and the message will get out there that when a person ceases to associate with JWs for whatever the reason, they experience the tragic loss of their family and friends because WT demands that it be so. That's the legal key folks--Watch Tower demands that it be so. Not that individually a person decides to shun, because his/her religious conscience tells him to do it, but that it's a requirement of the religion to shun people whose name is announced at the KH as no longer one of JWs. Is that a civil right's infringement? Let's just be patient and wait and see.


  • AndersonsInfo

    I'd like to hear from some of you about what I called at the end of my post above, the "legal key." This is an important subject, one, I'm told, that we will all be hearing more about in the months to come.

    Also, please keep in mind the production of "Losing My Religion" because I've been informed that we will all be reading more and more about it too in the future. This one appears to be for real, folks!

    Barbara (Who loves to pass along truthful information about Watch Tower.)

  • brotherdan

    I LOVE the idea and I love the trailer. I just hope it can get off the ground. He's been working on this for a while now. I wish there was some sort of update as to how far along in the pre production process they are at.

  • cantleave

    More power to stephen's project. It's great to see so many ex-jw's promoting this film on their Facebook pages.


  • stuckinamovement


    Thanks for the information. I think that the WTS will have to change the DF/shunning policy simply to survive. The campaign in Brazil, the BBC interview, Worlds apart, and others are drawing attention to this policy. It is a true violation of human rights that people will shun you simply because of what you believe. It certainly goes against the freedom of speech, and freedom of religion clauses in the US constitution.

    The WTS will be forced to change as there is more attention on them. This policy along with Blood is one of the main reasons they are having court battles in Russia.

    One other side point, The primary reason that they hate facebook and other social networks is because many witnesses are associating with DF family members online. As society in general becomes more connected through these types of networks the organization becomes ever more fearful of the things they cannot control. This makes them look more and more authoritarian and paranoid, which in turn makes the average person think "What are they afraid of?" "What are they hiding?".

    The organization's policies will be the source of its own demise.


  • clarity

    "Watchtower demands that it be so!" Indeed!

    Sounds just like the school yard BULLY!

    "I'm tellin ya Billy, you stop talkin to that new kid, or I'll knock your block off!"


  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    BTTT - Look forward to watching this film.

  • im stuck in
    im stuck in

    Great information Barbara. As a former elder for many years I know the pain that it causes familys and I am ashamed at how I treated people. I certainly hope what you are saying is happening quickly. Personally if they want to shun a member at the KH that is their privelege but as to shunning family members that is a disgusting thing to do. Thanks NH Knorr maybe you will have been the one responsible for bringing the WT down afterall.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think each one of us should consider how much support we personally can give to this project, and ask our friends to likewise consider making an investment in the film. I have requested additional investor's information which I will be reviewing carefully.

    This is the text of an email I sent some of my friends. Feel free to use it in whole or in part as suits your needs:

    Dear friends,

    Some of you know this, and some of you do not.

    I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and was an active member of the religion until I was in my early twenties. I haven't made any effort to conceal this fact from any of you, but on the other hand I haven't made it my primary topic of conversation, either.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are a dangerous mind-control cult that puts the lives of its followers at risk. I have worked quietly in my own various ways to inform the community at large of the danger posed by Jehovah's Witnesses and I have been an active supporter of the XJW community around the world.

    Now I would like to ask YOUR help. I have just learned that Stephan McGuire (associate producer, "The 11th Hour" [2007]) is planning to make a movie titled "Losing my Religion" that will explain the truth about Jehovah's Witnesses and the sacrifices made by those who leave the cult. I am considering lending my support to this cause, and ask that you do also.

    Investors are now being sought for the production of this movie. If assistance of this magnitude is within your means, I ask that you consider doing so. If that is not possible, I ask that you consider making a charitable donation to "Lost & Found" or consider purchasing a copy of the movie when it is released on DVD.

    Please watch the introductory trailer here:

    Also, see the website here:

    Thank you for your time,

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Regarding Leonardo DiCaprio's status as a JW - I have no idea.

    According to imdb, Leonardo was the narrator of Stephan's film "The 11 th Hour" but that in itself is no evidence that he is or was a JW.

  • ziddina


    Thanks for posting this, Sleeping Beauty!

  • dgp
  • Lozhasleft

    Thanks for posting this and thanks to Barbara for the interesting input.

    Loz x

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