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  • cinnamon1642

    • Pioneer hour change is legit. Letters are being mailed out soon to all congregations for announcement in early October right before the tract campaign starts.

    Elimination of Circuit Overseers
    • Implementation date 2011 service year
    • Many District Overseer’s and some “Circuit Overseers” are getting along in years and slowing down. There is a need for several more suitable replacements.
    • There is a need to prepare additional brothers to serve as “overseers” in case of persecution and isolation.
    • Presiding Overseers will be trained for additional responsibilities at Patterson “Elders School”.
    • After all Presiding Overseer’s have been trained and before this is implemented there will be a Kingdom Ministry school for all Elder’s.
    • Various Presiding Overseers from around each circuit will visit the various congregations in the circuit.
    • The visit of the “Overseer” will begin Thursday evening. Another meeting will be held Saturday evening and the public meeting will be on Sunday.
    • The “Overseer” will share in service Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the congregation.
    • Additionally the “Overseer” will have a meeting with the local elders and pioneers.
    • Congregations will receive three visits per year instead of just two.
    • Circuit Overseers can be reassigned as “District Overseers” to fill the need of replacements.
    • Other Circuit Overseers may be reassigned as “Special Pioneers” to assist in the field.
    • Since there will be ample “Circuit Overseers” to replace the needed “District Overseers” the size of the district will be lowered from about 13-15 circuits to around 10 per district. This will enable the “District Overseer” to spend more time with the circuits.
    • There will be more brothers trained to shoulder the responsibility of oversight when persecution breaks out.
    • Instead of having one “Circuit Overseer” assigned to 20 congregations various brothers will be familiar with the needs of different congregations, in order to care for these congregations during the above mentioned difficult times.
    • If a select few congregations became isolated for one reason or another, brothers who are already familiar with overseeing the needs of entire congregations would already be available to assist.
    • If one “Overseer” was persecuted, arrested, etc. there would already be other qualified brothers to take the lead.
    Expansion at Patterson
    • Will start some time after upcoming Wallkill project is finished.
    • Substantial plans have already been filed with Putnam County and Patterson City to obtain needed permits, and the okay has been given to start the project.
    • Several additional office and residence buildings are to be built. The plan is to build as high as the government will allow; likely 5 or 6 floor buildings.
    • Plan is to have HIS, Treasurer’s Office, Convention Office, and other smaller departments move there first.
    • One new office building will be exclusively used by Governing Body, United States Branch Committee, Service, Publishing (Legal), and Writing Departments.
    • Teaching Department will be in new building with Audio Video services with largely expanded studio from what they have right now.

    Expansion at Wallkill
    • Likely will start in 2009.
    • After completion plan to have the wood, machine, furniture, etc. shops and electrical, plumbing, and other mechanical training will move to Wallkill.
    • Departments that coordinate RBC’s, KH building and other expansion projects will move to Wallkill.

    Brooklyn News
    • Dumbo project in Brooklyn on Jay St has been scrapped.
    • Buildings will continue to be sold. Residents will be moved to the larger buildings.
    • Plan for eventually selling all buildings in Brooklyn between 2015 – 2020.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Interesting. None of that is a surprise to me except the idea that the changes in the CO arrangement will not come into force until the 2011 service year. CO's in the UK finish their 3 year cycle at the end of this service year. I have heard others mention that date as the time when current CO's would be "retired". When do the CO's in the US move round?

  • cinnamon1642

    The 2011 service year starts September of 2010. I guess that would be enough time for them to get all the PO's through the school. I recall them saying at an Assembly that it would take about 2 years to get them all through.

  • slimboyfat

    I predicted this ages ago:

    And what about elders outside the US?

  • LisaAnn

    Maybe I've missed the threads regarding why WTS is moving out of Brooklyn. Do they know something? Are religious properties about to be taxed?

  • chickpea
    Plan for eventually selling all buildings in Brooklyn between 2015 – 2020

    hmmmmm..... planning is extended to at least 2020

    guess "the end" isnt all that close after all

  • Gregor

    I love the frequent mentions of "persecution". This the buzz word for JWs. They are almost to the point of begging people "please! persecute us for God's sake!"\

    LOL, There's nothing they hate worse than simply being ignored. "Jehovahs What?... Oh, them".


    All good JW`s need to be persecuted!..Hit Over Head 2Hit Over Head 2...................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Hmmm. very interesting. So, as I understand it now, By then, the title of PO will be non existant. But there also seems to be changes with the CO. I might just add, that PO and CO make up POCO, the band that sing my favorite love song, Crazy love. ( Irelevant but interesting)

    It seems that the changes, that never seem to come, are coming, in response to world events and ultimately, finacial and on the ground realities. There is a shift now, in the way things are perceived. This shift, is in response to needs which can't be filled.

    This is a response to times, In which the GB have ultimatly ignored, from the stance of having no competition in the marketplace, or they they just didn't have to. Now they have to. This is a good sign! They are hurting. They are trying to streamline as any company does. This is just the begining. Greater things are coming!

  • Gayle

    How many circuit overseers and district overseers are there now in the U.S.? And what will be the numbers projection after the change?

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty
    All good JW`s need to be persecuted!..

    I have a suggestion to make , the next time a brother comes a knocking at the door , kick him square in the balls , he will thank you for it

    At last the prophecy has been fulfilled

  • rebel8

    I totally agree w/Tyrone. I for one am glad my parent is getting one less assimilation session each week. Even better, the meeting eliminated is the one they've been saying for decades is the most important to prep for the tribulation--another flip flop to weaken faith in a corrupt organization. This was one of the key teachings and now they've totally reversed, a la 1975.

    "why WTS is moving out of Brooklyn. Do they know something? Are religious properties about to be taxed?"

    Those properties are worth a crapload of money, and this organization is all about $. I bet moving the operations upstate, despite renovations, will net them a pretty penny, and they'll sell a line of bs to the sheeples about a "simplification arrangement".

    Taxation? I doubt that. Fundies are in the White House. They're spending billions of tax dollars on quasi-faith and other fundie stuff.

    Do they know something we don't? IMO, doubtful. They are usually slow on the uptake, not ahead of the curve. Legally, their strategy in recent decades seems to be reactive rather than proactive.

  • jwfacts

    Very Interesting. My parents are Circuit Overseers. I am not sure if my father knows about this, but just last week my wife mentioned this to my mother and she has not heard anything about it.

    It is an interesting spin on why this is happening - to be better equipped to deal with the coming persecution. Sad that most JWs will actually fall for such BS.

  • Gopher

    The organization that we knew won't be there any more. No circuit overseers? No Watchtower buildings in Brooklyn Heights? Almost unbelievable.

    I am intrigued by the upcoming change from two to three visits per year by this new "Overseer" who will report to the District Overseer. It appears the D.O. will continue to make sure things are running in the circuits as Patterson Headquarters wishes, and if anything --three visits per year will actually increase rather than decrease the amount of central control over the local congregations.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Ya Gopher, it's all about control. These changes may seem to relent, but, in actual fact, they increase their pressure. The Non existance of, or invisibility of watchtower headquarters is beautiful. These are people who plan.

    On the the R&F scale, there is no plan. None at all. Salvation will come from from Je Hoover, the vacuum that really sucks. These are just minor adjustments, to make sure the sucking capacity, maintains it's central flow of sucking in stupid people.

  • Gopher
    Je Hoover, the vacuum that really sucks

  • Quandary

    Any news on changes with Circuit and District Assemblies, i.e. reduction in days?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    This I doubt, (reduction in assembly days), too much of a money maker.

    Selling of Brooklyn? Absolutely. What a great BUSINESS move.

  • stillajwexelder

    all makes sense

  • LDH
    Many District Overseer’s and some “Circuit Overseers” are getting along in years and slowing down. There is a need for several more suitable replacements.

    Say it with me. They aren't "getting along in years." They are getting OLD. Yes, brought to you by the religion that promised you that you would never get old.

    LOL @ Gregor.

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