Is Prince Still a Jehova's Witness?

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  • Silvia Plath
    Silvia Plath

    Has anyone heard of what happened with Prince being a Jehova's Witness if he still is or not? And how is he pursuing his music career while doing it?

  • Stealth453

    I don't know if he still considers himself to be a jw or not. To answer the second part of your post, the right amount of money strategically donated to one of the wt's sister corporations buys alot of personal "freedoms".

  • Sweetp0985

    I think he might be..Don't remember when it originally aired but on the recent BET Awards...when he received an award...he thanked Jehovah....and later on in the closing performance he did...(he did a really none dublike lil dance move too...made me say..yeah he still got some freakiness in him)...but he said something to the extent of "it's going this system of thangs" I'll take a wild guess and say yeah he's still in...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The BET awards were on June 27th, less than a month ago. at that time, according to news reporters,

    "Prince actually uttered sentences upon receiving his best male R&B artist award. He said the honor was 'unexpected but appreciated nonetheless.' He thanked – in this order – Jehovah God, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, India.Arie and Yolanda Adams for 'continuing to be such an inspiration in my life.'"

    Of course JWs do not have a patent on the name JEHOVAH (they wish!) but if something had changed, you know the foundations of heaven would have been rocked off their axis.

    Prince is just another proof of the JW caste system - if he has a large enough GREEN mark on his forehead, he can get away with things the average Dub on the street couldn't dream of getting away with.


  • DanTheMan

    I can't imagine he'll last much longer. As somebody else here put it so well, in JW-land he's Larry Graham's trophy convert, and little else.

    Be your own man Prince! Quit obeying the ghost of your mama and goofy Larry Graham.

  • TresHappy

    He's still a JW, and has an entourage when he goes out in service. His wife is also very devout, from what I hear. I know his son from his first marriage died in infancy, do you think he'll have any with the current one?

  • TresHappy

    Manuela Testolini

  • wanderlustguy

    From Sex God to Doorstep Bible Basher

    Love Gives Pop Legend a New Purple Patch

    The Mirror/April 10, 2004
    By Nick Webster

    On the quiet suburban streets of Minneapolis, he cuts a remarkable figure. Dressed in a tailor-made suit and trademark stack heels, he steps lightly out of his purring limo and, surrounded by four bodyguards, approaches the modest picket-fenced homes.

    And to each astonished resident opening their doors to the peculiar group, multi-millionaire superstar Prince quietly asks: "Would you like to talk about Jesus?"

    Welcome to the new world of the man who once outraged a nation with the song Sexy MF and who changed his name to a symbol. Gone are the wild parties, the womanising and the bizarre all-purple lifestyle. Instead, 45-year-old Prince's hedonistic excesses have been replaced with door-to-door preaching and Bible study classes.

    Credit for this remarkable transformation, the Daily Mirror can reveal, is down to his mother's dying wishes, new wife Manuela Testolini, who, at 27, is 18 years his junior, and his baptism as a Jehovah's Witness.

    It is Manuela - the fan-turned-employee-turned-spouse - who has stood by his side as he embraced his new faith and it is she who has helped him return to the musical spotlight after years of obscurity.

    This month sees the release of his critically-acclaimed new album Musicology and he recently made a triumphant return to performing at the Grammy awards.

    The bid to recapture his position among the pop elite is music to the ears of Canadian-born Manuela.

    Prince - who has romanced a string of women, including Sheena Easton, Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles, Madonna, Kim Basinger, Kristin Scott Thomas and Carmen Electra - has never been a big fan of monogamy.

    But now, in middle-age, he seems to have adopted it with Manuela.

    But the way he and Mani, as she is known, met and married is a strange combination of fairytale and stalker fantasy.

    She grew up in a tiny two-bed apartment in a run-down block on the thundering Don Mills Road in Toronto, Canada.

    She was a plain teenager who, as a high school student, was known as an avid Prince fan.

    Her passion for the diminutive musician continued at York University in Toronto - where she studied for a degree in art - to the detriment of her social life.

    Fellow student Sorayah Kassim-Lakha remembers her regularly playing her hero's hits, particularly If I Was Your Girlfriend and I Wanna Be Your Lover.

    "Mani was always very quiet at college," Sorayah says. "She didn't go in for parties and stuff like that.

    "She was only ever interested in her art and in Prince. She was obsessed with him. It's all she ever talked about."

    Mani was a frequent visitor to the internet fan club, a forum devoted to her then hero and now husband.

    She admitted to being a "lurker" - someone who watches what others say but seldom joins in conversations.

    One of the UK fans who did talk to her online was Antony Golding from Bolton, Lancs.

    "It's all a bit surreal," he says. "She was just a fan who posted a couple of messages and then suddenly she was working at his Paisley Park recording studios... and then she was his wife."

    Manuela graduated from university in the summer of 1998 and soon after she landed her dream job working with the singer. That year, she received a brief credit on Prince's New Power Soul album.

    Twelve months later, she became his assistant. Rumours quickly began to circulate that she was more than just a member of staff before his marriage to first wife Mayte Garcia was annulled in May 2000.

    Less than three years earlier, Mayte had given birth to the couple's son Gregory, who tragically only lived a week before dying from the rare bone condition Pfeiffer Syndrome, a genetic skull deformity.

    Soon after the annulment, Prince, who was once worth £100million, took Manuela with him to Bible study classes with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    After a hush-hush romance, superstar and fan tied the knot in a Jehovah's Witness wedding in Hawaii on New Year's Eve 2001.

    A year later, in a private ceremony at the Kingdom Hall in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Prince and Mani were baptised into their new faith in front of the 167-strong congregation.

    A small bathtub-sized pool was hired for the occasion. Wearing knee-length robes with swimsuits underneath, they became full members of the church by being immersed in the pool.

    Ronald Scofield - one of the elders of the Chanhassen Congregation, Prince's new place of worship - says it was a special day for all.

    "Every time one of our members gets baptised it's exciting. But this was exceptionally exciting because it was someone who has made a lot of changes to their life.

    "We have watched Prince since he started studying the Bible and noticed a dramatic change. It's something to be very proud of."

    The death of Prince's mother, jazz singer Mattie Shaw, was a turning point for the star, who has sold more than 100million albums.

    Her dying wishes were for him to become a Jehovah's Witness, as she had been for most of her life, and to see him married. He tied the knot with Mani weeks before his mother passed away and six months after the death of his father, pianist and bandleader John L Nelson.

    As part of his new life, Prince and Manuela pay weekly visits to the residents of Minneapolis. At times, Scofield accompanies the couple and their bodyguards.

    He admits it can take a good few minutes before stunned homeowners recover from the shock of finding a superstar at their door.

    Speaking publicly about Prince's new beliefs for the first time, Scofield confirms: "He's so well known that when he turns up on people's doorsteps, it really surprises them.

    "To see him in a Christian lifestyle is very pleasant. He's doing very well and spiritually he seems to be making a great deal of progress, too.

    "We go on Bible studies together and work in field service, the door-to-door ministry that Jehovah's Witnesses are known for. When you get past the initial shock of actually meeting Prince, he is very persuasive. He uses the scriptures very well."

    After a decade of seclusion, the man christened Prince Rogers Nelson is back to being plain old Prince and playing the hits that made him famous such as Purple Rain, Let's Go Crazy and Little Red Corvette.

    And no longer is he synonymous with Paisley Park and Minneapolis.

    These days, he and Manuela spend much of their time in Los Angeles or the sprawling £3million grey stone mansion he bought at 61 The Bridle Path in an upmarket area of Toronto. At first, mystery surrounded the purchase of the luxury home by a firm called Gamillah Holdings, until it was discovered that the company's president is one Manuela Testolini.

    While the couple are away touring the US, builders are constructing a large gatehouse and a new fence, complete with tennis court and pool.

    Though it seems a world away, the estate is just a five-minute drive from Mani's parents' tiny apartment.

    Despite the age gap and the star's colourful past, Prince has been welcomed with open arms by the Testolini family.

    In January, residents of the village of Calabogie - on the outskirts of Ottawa - couldn't believe their eyes when he and Mani arrived in a gleaming limousine for the modest wedding of her sister Daniela to businessman Michael Dykeman. Onlookers say Prince and his wife happily mingled with the other 80 guests during the reception at the Dickson Manor ski lodge.

    The singer admits that along with a new wife, he also has a new set of values. "There's no more envelope to push," he says. "I pushed it off the table. It's on the floor. Let's move forward."

    Prince also says that TV viewers are now bombarded with dirty music videos.

    "Back when I made sexy tunes, the sexiest thing on TV was Dynasty and if you watch it now, it's like the Brady Bunch," he explains.

    "My song Darling Nikki was considered porn because I said the word masturbate. That's not me any more."

    But with the new tour and album to sell, maybe the wife and new beliefs are just another marketing tool being used by one of the world's ultimate showmen.

    Among those with a view about the "new" Prince is Minneapolis gossip columnist CJ, who has followed his career for years, much to the annoyance of the artist himself who wrote a song about her called Billy Jack Bitch.

    "A lot of credit is being given to Manuela," she says.

    "Both his parents died recently, too. And that's the last barrier to realising that you, too, will die. Maybe that's the reason for the change in personality.

    "He was always capable of monogamy but the man got bored quickly. The traumatic death of his baby changed all that. It affected him in a big way.

    "People are curious as to why he's changed. The joke here in Minneapolis is that it looks like they finally got the medication right."

  • wanderlustguy

    His wife's website doesn't look very "witnessy"

  • Sweetp0985

    A year later, in a private ceremony at the Kingdom Hall in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Prince and Mani were baptised into their new faith in front of the 167-strong congregation.

    A small bathtub-sized pool was hired for the occasion. Wearing knee-length robes with swimsuits underneath, they became full members of the church by being immersed in the pool.

    Hmmm special privilieges even for baptism...I never heard of baptisms at the Kingdom Halls...Why didn't he have to wait for the DC or CA? Oh its a wonder the things money can buy...

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Hubby and I were Prince fans before we were JWs and after (couldn't admit to it during).

    I don't know which is sadder...the fact that the bOrg sucked him in (I surmized because of the death of his child) or that his $$ and celeb status protect him from so much of the grief in the life of a 'real' witness.

    I'd have paid to see him try some of that stuff (facial hair, limo in service) at Our old cong!!

  • Honesty

    20 years from now he'll be a member of the GB.

  • heathen

    I bet he even has "worldy" friends . You are so right when it comes to celebs putting the dubbies in the spot light they will bend the rules where as Joe smuck will have to obey every letter of the law as outlined by the organization or else gets marked for bad association or suspened priveledges or maybe even a JC . Right now they are more concerned about the money .

  • Hellrider

    Holy cow, she is one of the most beatiful girls I`ve ever seen. Looks a bit like Nelly Furtado.

    His wife's website doesn't look very "witnessy"

    Wheres that website?

  • dvw

    ok, the governing bodies say that as christians, "they will learn war no more". this means no hand guns, weapons,no learning the martial arts and such as a means to protect ones self in case one is attacked. now, prince takes freakin body guards with him in service? isnt he making preparations for a physical confrontation with who knows who? what bullshit! could you, as a good little dubbie, carry a billy club in your service bag incase of attack? and dont kid yourself, the gorilla's that follow the clown prince around all day are packing heat. and something tells me when prince toured bethel, the leg breakers with him, didnt check the pistols at the door.

  • dustrabbit

    I used to really like Prince. Then he gets all "pure" (sort of). speaking of Dub celebs -- does anyone want to weigh in the Williams sisters? I always thought they've gotten away with more than Prince or MJ.

  • TresHappy

    Mrs. Nelson's website.

  • dustrabbit

    "Gamillah"? Why does the word "Gommorah" keeps popping up in my head? Some sort of weird word association?

  • Tatiana

    I have been a Prince fan since his first song, Soft and Wet, in '78. I have seen him in concert. I watched the BET awards. He did change the words to 3121, to "system of things." He also had some sexily dressed ladies dancing around him.

    I hope he wakes up and really sees the "truth!"

    He had a site that you had to pay to be a member of. It's been shut down. There were some great pics of him in concert recently.

    I wonder how Jehovah would really feel being thanked by Prince on a show that is part of this wicked "system of things?" hmmmmm

    btw, being a vegetarian must pay off. Prince is 48, and still looks like he did in the '80's...if not better!!

  • Zelaira

    The thing is Until he get's Divorced he has to Act a Certain way. I wish he was SINGLE and a Playboy Forever as I wanna Shag him Wild and I'm Not into ADULTERY. I think he is SEXY Hot and COOl. I Lust after him and feel NO Shame. I Know I can B a better Personal ASSISTANT and VANITY CLONE than MANI who is FAKE... See, I am the REAL SPIRIT and she is just HIS FANTASY of the REAL..... She is Smart but she has NO FASHION STYLE without his DESIGNERS and she is TRYING with her Causes which are WONDERFUL, BUT..I am a MOM and I KNOW how it is... She is simply a WANNA B... I am the REAL DEAL to tell ya.. I am What he WANTS and SHE is just his PUPPET.. Like it or Not she is TRYINg to be ...well an ANGELINA a MARVA COLLINS a ENTREPRENEUR... But, I have been there ...I KNOW where SHE SIMPLY GUESSES... Is she a MOM? DOES she WORK? Does she TAKE CARE of her KID? I mean I don't think so and it's all so SIMPLE when ONLY ya DREAM.... Go down to the REAL and REALLY GET GHETTO if Ya WANT TO B.. I MEAN NO WAY U EVER BEEN all the REAL... You can NEVER KNOW... HAVE CHILDREN, Get a DIVORCE Face DEATH... I mean ya want the REAL???? Ya only READING and DOING what One TELLS ya.. What ya KNOW bout LOSS and Bad Times and CHILDBIRTH? Ya ever EXPERIENCED IT ALL? That is the REAL SHIT..... Talk 2 Me THEN... Ya ever been Raped? Abused? I mean I Know Friends in EVERY CATEGORY. EVERY ECONOMIC Situation... I Dig all the REAL... Where ya been in TORONTO been so Bad? I Love her and all, but she is MONEY and just ACTING she ain't no REAL TRIP from BROOKLYN and he is NOT REAL from CHANHASSEN... BROOKLYN and all is the REAL DEAL.... Us NYC'S are the REAL with all We Had to go through with 9-11 and all. So many Problems feeling in New York. I Love ya all..But, I'll Never Believe ya UNDERSTAND or FEEL the REAL PAIN like us NEW YORKERS DO... Suffice 2 say..YA RICH....ACTING POOR 2 B Cool or 2 KNOW or b WITHIT... Ya gotta be In IT... Maybe I am an ACTOR of the REALISM.... But, how ya gonna Really KNOW..Less ya BEEN There? I FEEL REAL COMPASSION and I tell Ya as 50 Cent Say....Ain't Ever Going Back,,,,,,,,,,,,Peace and Blessings..... Zelaira the Great big NUMER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, if ya don't know NUMBEr 1 Child ya better STEP AWAY.... Ya better RUn..... I'm a GONNA Getcha with My RAP.........

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