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  • dontomas

    Hi Guys

    How does WTS feel about working for any federal, state or local government? I would imagine that would be frowned on, even if it is "non-violent". Nevertheless, I have encountered a few lifelong JWs who are/were in civil service jobs. Based on WTS recent emphasis on getting employment that facilitates witnessing, it would seem that a lot of these jobs are great, no - lots of leave, regular hours, and so forth.

    I read the 10/1 Watchtower "college" article and had to chuckle a little bit - I actually ended up going to regular college because I SUCKED at vocational subjects that interested me. The article makes it seem like doing vocational/tech work is something that anyone can do. Anyone else feel that way?

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  • under74

    mmm...I knew of a couple people working city and state jobs and I don't think they were looked down upon from what I know.

    Well, I think the mind set is if you just do a vocational thing that you won't be exposed to the threats that regular college provides...namely history, philosophy and science. I didn't read the WT you mention so I'm just speaking of what I was brought up with.

  • 144001

    A high ranking cop in our city was an elder. He was just another example of their selective enforcement of standards.

  • dontomas

    Interesting - THAT I thought was totally NG. I come out of a law enforcement background myself and didn't know a single JW. I don't know how someone could handle being an elder and a cop unless he was cooping and doing "Gilligan Shifts" (i.e - three hour tours.)

  • 144001

    The elder I spoke of was one step below the police chief; he wore a suit. So I assume he had fairly favorable working conditions to enable his contribution to the Watchtower cult. In any event, it seemed strange to me that he could carry a gun and be an elder. But enforcement of standards in the Watchtower cult has always been a very arbitrary and capricious process.

  • Virgogirl

    Well, I know of several Witnoids who are Postal employees, including two elders. When you are appointed to a US Postal Service position, say as a letter carrier or window clerk, you swear to uphold all city, state and national laws and pledge loyalty to the government. This doesn't appear to bother them.

  • heathen

    I knew one that was an army spy . He wasn't very good at it because he would tell everybody about it .LOL Rather than just quit when he started with the witnesses , he milked it until he finished his time and got his pension . It's interesting how people can just be so sure that the end is near and they are not prepared yet they will still plan their future by doing something God forbids anyway ..... What a bunch of freaks .....

  • Oroborus21


    The Society and JWs have no problems with persons holding non-law enforcement or political civil service positions whether at the local, state or federal level. Several Bible examples of persons favourably recorded in the scriptures also served "civil service" roles under their respective (foreign) Kings or rulerships including Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah, etc.

    Jobs that involve violations of Christian Neutrality are still verboten and most law-enforcement positions are considered questionable. Depending on the specifics of the situation, a Christian who seeks a job that requires the carrying of a firearm and which may possibly result in having to use such to take a human life would be considered unfit for leadership or example positions. In some extreme cases the brothers may decide that such a person has voluntarilly disassociated himself or herself. JWs are not absolutely against justifiable self-defense however so that is why a stronger stance against such jobs has not been taken.

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

  • heathen

    Oroborus21 --- Don't you think there is something wrong with this religion when they tell everybody not to be part of the world but yet allow members of the police force and various government jobs remain members ? I think it is violation of christian ethics myself .

  • Purza

    I was a govenment worker when I was an active dub. I know of others too. I never even thought twice about it as it was just another job.

    What about being a notary public? You have to take an oath saying that you will defend the constitution (if I remember correctly). I was a notary as an active dub and so were others that I know. I always was uncomfortable with the fact I took that oath.

    I guess it is easy to look the other way when earning money is involved.


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