Do members of GB go from house to house???

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  • zagor

    I've always wondered this. Does anybody have first hand information if they do and how much, or is their service sort of like when CO comes and goes along to book studies to give "encouragement"

    Or even more so, do they stand with magazines on street corners?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    From what some of the ex-Bethelites here have posted previously

    No the GB do not go door to door. Seems they are busy thinking up new ways to get other people to do that for them.

    I'm sure some of them will be along to let you know

  • alamb

    I have been to the door with two. Barber and Barr in the 80's. They took turns speaking too.

  • steve2

    If the streets have 24/7 intensive hospital care and the houses have wheel-chair ramps and oxygen masks available the poor old things might go.

  • Cygnus

    If memory serves (and these days I have trouble remembering my name), Ray Franz wrote in CoC that about half the GB went door to door. I'm sure the younger ones do. I can't see a hundred-year-old John Barr knocking on doors.

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    For a short while in the 1970s, Jack Barr was my book study conductor, before he went to Brooklyn. I worked with him and Mildred a few times.

    Of the older GB members, I'm told Jaracz is the only one who still regularly pounds the doors. I don't know about the younger ones.

  • Mary

    I have been to the door with two. Barber and Barr in the 80's. They took turns speaking too.
    LOL....ya but they can actually say different stuff than what the average Dub can. Maybe something like "....Did you know that I am going to be ruling with Jesus from heaven one day and if you don't take these magazines, I'm gonna be all over you like ah fly on shet........Ah'll personally make it mah respons-a-bility to make your life a living how many magazine you wanna take? I remember them having some "illustration" at the Hall years ago, of what someone who's "part of the 144,000" can say to someone in the world who's Born Again. It basically consisted of " only think you're going to heaven, but I know that I am going to heaven."

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    When I was in Bethel, I was assigned as a study conductor in the home congregation, Brooklyn Heights, where Knorr, Suiter, and a lot of the Bethel ``heavies" attended. I assisted in the collecting and recording the monthly field service slips for the congregation, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that if these guys were run-of-the-mill locals, they would be considered ``weak" publishers at best. Most of their time was counted for public talks.

  • inquirer

    Believe me, I am still reading Christian Freedom, and Ray says that they rarely went out in field service. Some of them didn't do it at all! Ray at one session was even having a go at them for NOT going out! Like why do you get others to do it but you are just sitting in your ivory towers so to speak.

    No, they are lazy jerks. :( Shame on them! Jesus did, Paul did... But the GB are more important than they are I suppose.

  • BluesBrother

    from the autobiography of Gertrud Poetzinger, as published in WT Aug 1st 1984. Husband Martin was appointed to Gov Body 1977 - died 1988


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