Renting movies, did you really chose what was OK for Christians to watch?

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  • Dimples

    I always watched whatever I wanted.


  • alreadygone

    Margie that article was awesome!!! I too enjoy a good porn, the more vulgarity the better!!

  • tfsm

    I always thought it was interesting that "Christians" would put up with tons of violence in their entertainment but one visible nipple and, ohh shit. They couldn't put up with any nudity.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes, but cable TV, when we got it in our rural area when my children were older, was the downfall of our family. According to my exhusband who was raised a JW. MTV caused all of their problems and skipped meals caused them to have learning disabilities. He was always looking for a simple reason for the complex problems we faced as a family and as indiviuals.

  • weinermcgee

    2 incidents come to mind...The time all us kids wanted to see Ghost Busters wow what a battle in the cong that was, needless to say the mothers that took their kids got spoken to. The other one was when my best friend and I planned out a military operation to sneak terminator 2 into the house and set the alarm to watch it a 4a.m. sharing a headset plugged into the tv. we were sweating bullets but was it ever worth it...sad though when you think of 17 year old bad asses sneaking around to watch an arnie movie.

  • DanTheMan

    Of all movies it was Amistad that I finally "broke the rules" with. A great movie.

    We had a CO that ripped our congregation a new one over Forrest Gump. He said it was the most violent and sexual movie he had ever seen and that he couldn't believe the local dubs were so ga-ga over it and recommending it to him. Brother Sherman, if anybody knows him, wears Mickey Mouse everything.

  • Mysterious

    My mom always rented the videos and had an extreme sensitivity for violence and language especially. I remember seeing movies on tv that I wanted to watch that was less than appropriate. I would wait until she left for work..go downstairs and tape it during the day while I was at school. Then when I got home Id stash the tape in my room and watch it in 20 minutes increments during my school lunch hours.

    Other families were either less strict, ie: those that watched lord of the rings etc even though there was a part on the assemblies on them. Or else their parents didnt really know. I know I watche Austin Powers at my best friend's house, Im sure his mother would not have approved if she had known about it.

  • Evanescence

    Read AWAKE may 8, 2005 What's happening to movies?

    I got this magazine off the jw who lives accross the road from my school


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