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  • pratt1

    Recently as old friend of mine was just dfed for fornication.

    Apparently, the girl he "sinned" with was worked with an ex dub and she shared some intimate details about their relationship.

    Anyways, the ex dub told her elder father and also wrote a letter to his congo.

    When the elders questioned him, he pitched a fit and told them where to go.

    He seems to be okay with the decision, but it bothers me that a ex dub would turn him in.

    Have you heard of something like this happening with anyone you knew?

  • Finally-Free

    So he was df'd on the basis of the gossip of unbelievers? What happened to the 2 witness rule? And I always thought the 2 witnesses had to be JWs, not unbelievers.

    Does that mean I can make up whatever lies I want and spread them around to get people I didn't like df'd?


  • googlemagoogle

    to get people I didn't like df'd?

    i'd actually do that to people i like...

  • upside/down

    If a pedophile can use the "2 witnoid" rule...why can't fornicators?

    I'd INSIST on my "rights"...which of course no Dub has...especially if someone in a position of "responsibility" has it out for you.

    The Witnoids take the double standard to new highs...


  • Finally-Free
    i'd actually do that to people i like...

    Good point. Problem is I can't remember liking any.

    On the other hand, I can think of a few that looked kinda hot. They might be worth saving.


  • under74

    I only know the 2 witness rule to go into work when child molestation is accused....

    I knew a lady (pretty close to my family) who's DFd husband told elders she not only smoked pot BUT had and affair. They bought it. She got DFd. I remember her crying in the back of the hall after they told her. My family knew her for a long time and actually lived with her for a short time (when things were bad and she was the only one to offer shelter) and so I was then...and am still now pretty sure none of this happened. Her ex was trying to get back at her and ........I'm just going to throw this out here--she was the only African American in the congregation. All I'm saying is that more than one elder was accused of child molestation and incest in this congregation and nothing ever happened to them. One complaint from and ex husband came against this lady---and nothing to prove it BUT she was DFd.

  • upside/down

    In Witnoid Land there is a simple rule (for the pecking order)....

    If you're dialed in via blood relation or a well "positioned" family (ie. elder on up)....or RICH...your Teflon coated.

    The rest are up for grabs...and Gawd help you.

    u/d (of the witnoids are like sleeping dogs...bettet to let lie...but piss one off and your toast...class)

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