Real blood transfusion history?

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    Some here who have participated in JW related internet discussion for a few years might remember "Friend."

    He was an anonymous JW, (His real name was known to only a few) someone of note in the JW organization who had access to letters and other research material at Bethel. He very much desired reform on the blood issue.

    "Marvin Shilmer," Alan Feuerbacher and "Farkal" can all corroborate this. Perhaps others can as well. He posted both on H2O and here on JWD for a couple of years. (I believe his posts are still in the archive.)

    "Friend" and I exchanged a fair amount of personal correspondence. His opinion, after researching the origins of the blood doctrine from the "inside," was that the primary impetus behind its development was the large number of letters JW's were sending in inquiring about its propriety during the second half of the 40's

    He also said that one JW in particular, a Canadian lawyer by the name of W. Glen How, who is also someone of note in the JW organization sent in quite a few letters advocating the current restrictive position toward transfusion. He felt that How's letter writing campaign strongly inflluenced Brooklyn.

    I realize this is only hearsay, and I offer it only for whatever interest in might hold.

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    Hello Mary,

    There is no word to say for such a suffering you had, and thanks a lot for your help.

    I will come back soon where you told me.

    In France I do my work and it takes some time.

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    TD, good anyway.

    The thing is when you say last half of the 40'. But the ban was on 1 dec 1944.

    Thanks a lot for all of you.

    Just an experience to partake. One day I put 3 dates and the events (1933, 1934, 1934). I found that rutherford send the german JW to the butcher (Hitler).

    During many month I could not find why? I found last week. P132 of the french year book of 1974.

    So about blood I think we shall find, even if it takes months.

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    The thing is when you say last half of the 40'. But the ban was on 1 dec 1944.

    The first negative statement appeared in 1944. It was only one sentence that would be easy to miss, I think. Another negative statement appeared in 1945, but it also was so oblique that it was hard to follow exactly what they were trying to say. I can post scans of any of this material if someone is interested.

    These statements in 1944 and 1945 could be what generated the many letters of inquiry.

    In 1949 an entire article condemning transfusion appeared in the Awake!. This also generated letter from JW's. Some of these were answered in the 1949 and 1950 Watchtowers.

    Non-compliance became a punishable offense in 1961 and it was at this point where I think transfusion really was banned.

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