How Different From Jehovah's Witnesses Are You Now?

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  • OldSoul

    Welcome, I-CH-TH-U-S!

    Since you have never heard the Kingdom Melodies, I take it you have never been a JW. You will be able to give interesting perspectives to some forum members, I look forward to reading your posts.

    I am curious about one thing in your post, you said you used to believe in evolution but now you don't. Did you start out life being raised in a family that taught Creation?


  • inquirer

    I'll say this before I read the posts

    I am surprised how left-wing I feel! In a Christian way anyway. lol I feel a bit strange now, because... well... I won't comment on my "political wing." :) I'll just say I am a "broken wing," like what Kurt says in "Milk It" of his last album "In Utero." When I use to be fan, that was my favorite album by them, by the way. And, yes, I use to listen to them as a JW. :)

    But now I have reintroduced the idea of:

    *birthdays (I don't mind New Year's as long as you don't get drunk and over do it... but that is not a practical opinion I guess. lol I still dislike Christmas and Easter... one obvious reason it's too commercial...)

    *blood transfusions,

    *marrying anyone

    *picketing, (sorry I know that sounds stupid, but I remember Ray saying in his book, why as a JW you can join a union but not protest on the streets about the governments!)

    ... Um, so not much has changed, but I don't shun people. If I ever saw one of you people online, I'd just talk to you normally and say "how are you doing?" If you said you were atheiest, I wouldn't care, because I'd be thinking (and saying) yet another thing which is not JW-like "only God knows what your thoughts are." Or I'd be philosophical and think "maybe he is only atheist temporarily," or "maybe not all people want to live forever," it's their choice after all.

    *saying "God bless you."

    *emphasising Jesus' name more.

    *Being philosophical -- only denouncing philosophy like the "immortal soul," and other religious philosophies that contradict the Bible. NOT ALL PHILOSOPHY IS BAD. The guy who invented the wheel, or the guy who invented the light bulb or car -- that's philosophy on a high level (yes even the wheel back then because no one else thought of it! Bit like the KJV being good for it's time, way of thinking.)

    *re-considering also about "magic" in TV shows -- it depends on what context it's in, particularly if it's sci-fi. I try not to get fussed about it so much. I still don't like the subject, but sometimes you have to "tune in" to the story to understand what I am saying.

    *I definetly don't care if someone has tattooes or long hair and a beard -- they can do what they flaming will like.

    *I don't have a problem with smurfs or transformers -- once I had a transformer (one of those robot toys and a JW came around and told me to throw it out immediately -- she thought it was "demonic."

    *Don't have a problem with "playing cards." Even torochi cards, which people mistake for "tarot cards" who were influenced by the innocent torochi cards, which are mainly played in countries like France and Hungary...

    *If I got a role in a movie, wouldn't think twice if was a gun slinger in a movie -- it's called historical silly! People did do things like that.

    I guess, mine is more mental attitude that, practicallity. Some of the things I said might sound a bit tedious, but that's all I can think of right now... I always wonder what I would be like if I wasn't born a JW!!! NOW THAT'S QUITE A QUESTION! AT LEAST FOR MYSELF!!!!

  • oldflame

    I'm a total 360 from then

  • inquirer

    I'm a total 360 from then

    Inquirer -- Wait dude! YOu have to be 180 degrees different from them -- 360 deg is back where you started!!!!

    Just trying to alert the error, that's all.

  • Jordan

    1. I am an athiest. I believe in God, but I'll believe it on my terms, not the WTS.

    2. I adhere to the theory of evolution. I don't, but I like the fact that myself and others can choose whether to believe it or not.

    3. I celebrate every holiday I can get my hands on. I celebrate holidays, when I'm not being lazy, what can I say, it's alot of effort.

    4. I couldn't give a shit less if my friend or relative is a homosexual. I was tempted to come out as gay, just to piss witnesses off, I bottled it, just in case someone thought it was true, it's bad enough my friends trying to set me up with members of the opposite sex, I don't need a blind date with a guy.

    5. I like to frequently engage in premarital, freaky, experimental sex with my live-in girlfriend. I like to go out on the pull, and I like to end up in a girl's bed, and never see her again.

    6. I have graduated from college. I'm studying at Uni.

    7. I like to watch "R" rated movies. Got a huge collection of 'em.

    8. Hell, I like to watch "XXX" rated movies. As Above. Er, what?

    9. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I LOVE cigars and aromatic pipe tobacco. I like teh weed.

    10. I vote. I would've voted, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for Blair.

    11. I stand up for the National Anthem. I scream it at the top of my lungs, well, only at football games, but still.

    12. My bad associations generally do not spoil my useful habits. My dub associations spoilt mine.

    13. The last time I knocked on someone's door I didn't know, I asked them if they had seen my cat. I like to leave people be.

    14. I thoroughly enjoy a filthy joke. So do I.

    15. I do not wash windows for a living. LMAO at this one, I knew more window cleaners that were witnesses than publishers

    16. I do not base my descision on a new automobile purchase on how good a service car it would make. I got me a kick arse car.

    17. I am not afraid of demons. I embrace mine, they make me stronger.

    18. I dress however the f*ck I want. So do I.

    19. I occasionally smoke pot and/or get drunk. Occasionally, isn't the word I'd use.

    20. I do not fear or dislike Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays. Twelve Pint Tuesdays! Thursday is Poker Night, and Saturday is for clubbing or gigging.

    21. I would not like to accept a congregation's love from French Haiti. Me Neither.

    22. I have seen "the Excorcist". But the sequels and prequels have all been shit.

    23. I don't live in fear of stumbling my brother. I try to trip 'em up.

    24. The last person I called my sister was my sister. I don't even call my sister, my sister.

    25. The only time I turn in my time is my payroll @ work. Same.

    26. If I care about someone, I go to their wedding regardless of where it is held. Exactly, and I don't treat it like a free meal. Although, that is essentially what it is...

    27. If my life depended on a blood transfusion, you better believe I would take one. Damn Right!

    28. I would never make it public knoweledge if I caught my buddy "punching the clown" . He'd never live it down, that's for damn sure though.

    29. I think Kingdom Melodies suck ass. I still think, a few heavy guitars could've spiced those little ditties up a bit, maybe someone doing some Dani Filth style vocals would've helped too.

    30. I would never, ever, ever, shun my own flesh and blood for thinking differently than I do. Exactly, one of my reasons for leaving.

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