Watchtower Quotes "Ted Bundy"!

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  • l3gi0n

    i think this is the whole quote, that it is taken from

    This condition is not immediately seen by the individual or identified as a serious problem. It sort of manifests itself in an interest concerning sexual behavior, as sexual images ... But this interest, for some unknown reason, becomes geared toward matters of a sexual nature that involves violence. I cannot emphasize enough the gradual development of this. It is not short term ... This is on a different level than this individual would deal with women every day, and not in the context of sexual condition, because that is over here someplace, like collecting stamps. He doesn't retain the taste of glue, so to speak, all day long. But in a broader, more abstract way, it begins to preoccupy him." \ nothing out of controle,but still a serial killer is an EXTREAM example that wont fit 99.999999999 cases , as most people that enjoy sex, or watching sex do not kill people.

  • l3gi0n

    my last post is really big,

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    You are condemning them by using a 'guilt by assoication' logical fallacy.
    >Now there is a real source of spiritual enlightenment for you mates! Ted Bundy, serial killer!
    Ted Bundy was believe to have undergone a spiritual conversion like David Berkowitz ('Son of Sam' Killer), who is a Christian minister and has been for twenty years. He choose not to ask for parole due to the effect of him leaving prison would have on the families of his victims.
    In fact, who would know better than a person who has been addicted to pornography as to its effects on a human being's psyche? What motive would Bundy have for lying since he was still going to be executed? Don't dismiss the effects of porn on anyone. It is well known to be corrupting and in a progressing way. Victims of this addiction have a psychological need to keep finding something to stimulate them. Porn becomes mundane and this causes people to seek perversion in progressive worse ways.
    I have taken seminary level courses in counseling, so I do have some knowledge of this. Steve Arturburn's 'Every Man's Battle' is a good resource for the effects of porn on men in particular.

  • zagor

    Did he also like to eat burgers? That could also explain his voluptuous attitudes ... so all you pioneers out there stop eating burgers as that might increase your aggressive behavior...

    That's just typical of shady research when someone quickly wants to make the causative link between variables. Could it be that his parents were also freaks that screwed up his life from earliest age and by the way were animalistic when it came to intercourse. Crikey suddenly there are many things that could cause it and not only one.

  • Atlantis

    Shining One:

    'guilt by assoication'

    Are you speaking about "Ted Bundy" or the "Governing Body? You see, its hard to tell the difference old chap!


  • badboy

    Interestingly,the two worst mass murders were Paedfophiles,therefore paedophilia = mass murder.

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