JW kids and the national anthem humiliation......

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  • mamochan13

    Everyday. I used to think I was proud. Now I look back and realize I was so humiliated and so alone.

  • 144001

    I grew up in a small town, and my parents used to advise the teacher on day 1 of each year of all the prohibitions I was subject to, including the flag salute, all holiday parties, and among many other things, participation in a program for "mentally gifted minds" (which was explained to me as evil because it was an after school program that would detract from time spent studying Watchtower publications and participating in JW activities).

    It didn't take long for the kids to start calling me "communist," and the fistfights to begin. Unlike many other JW kids, I did not turn the other cheek, and found myself in many fights as a result of this cult. I hated this cult from a very early age, and by the time the fistfights started, I had plenty of anger to feed off of.

    I hated the ostracism from the other children, but looking back, I think it made me tougher, both mentally and physically. Now if I could only extricate the extreme anger that resides within me as a consequence of the Watchtower cult's theft of my childhood? I'm working on it.

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