Thank You!

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  • TD

    I was going to post a personal note under the subject, "My daughter is reading JWD" but I decided to just say, "Thanks" instead.

    It can be confusing for a teen-aged child when one parent is a JW and the other is not, even in a house like mine, where both parents recognize that it would be grossly unfair to "pull" in both directions at once, forcing her to please one parent at the expense of the other.

    JWD, with its huge cross-section of people and experience has been and continues to be valuable in helping her to make up her own mind. She may never post here; the JW experience may never be a big enough thing in her life for her to feel the need, (...Thank God) but she enjoys reading what you all have to say.

    Thank You!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well then. You know what we just have to do. Really! You do, don't you? . . . . . . .

    WELCOME to TD's daughter. Happy reading

  • Legolas

    TD'S daughter.....Welcome!

    I hope some day you do decide to post!

  • Momofmany

    Hello TD's daughter. Just wanted to say Hi, and let you know, other teens are reading. So there are others here as well. You are not alone.

  • OldSoul

    Welcome ALL LURKERS!!!

    Including TD's daughter!!

    I hope we have been giving you food for thought.


  • jaffacake

    A very Warm Welcome

  • BluesBrother

    TO T D's daughter, all J W lurkers , all J W youth who are supposed to be doing homework on the computer, all interested ones who are or have somebody studying with J W's

    Welcome all , please stay around we can do no harm - we could not defeat truth , if truth were there.. Please read , consider and apply it to what you read from the WTS . most importantly - make up your own mind

  • mouthy

    Hello TD Daughter...... Hope you enjoy your stay with us....We are a good group.....

  • lawrence

    Welcome and enjoy yourself. We DO!

  • ChristianObserver

    Welcome TD's daughter!

    Hoping you enjoy your visits here.

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