What Are You Paying For Gas Prices Now?

by minimus 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • calico

    I must be tired--I thought the topic was "praying" for gas!

  • minimus

    What are you paying now???

  • blondie

    $2.83 a gallon/regular

  • minimus

    You know what sux? Tha most of us will carry on no differently than if gas were 99 cents per gallon.

  • Mulan

    $3.14 a gallon

  • blondie

    Speak for yourself, min. We only have one vehicle now, the one that got the best gas mileage.

    Our budget has taken a hit, we have cut back in the entertainment area, eating more at home, going to the budget movies or waiting till the DVD comes to the public library. Our vacation plans are leaner too. Not only gas has gone up but heating fuel, electricity, and food (costs more to transport, run farm vehicles, etc.).


  • Princess

    Steve filled the tank yesterday. Costco gas cuts off at $99. It wasn't even full yet.

    It was $3.08. I drive about 2-3 weeks on one tank of gas. I have been regretting that we didn't get the diesel Excursion until yesterday. I was waiting for a ferry with my kids when the exact (diesel) version of my car drove off the ferry. It was horrendously loud and I decided it was worth paying the ridiculously high prices for gas to not suffer the headaches from that rattle trap.


  • G Money
    G Money

    6.4 pesos a litre or USD$2.21 a gallon, assuming 11 pesos to the dollar.

  • magoo

    ......... i am temporarily in anaheim, california for a job, last week i filled my pickup w/ unleaded, it took $109.00 to fill it. $3.39 @ gallon. 2 weeks ago i was in oklahoma to attend my son's graduation from university of oklahoma, it was $2.69 @ gallon


  • Farkel

    I gave two Watchtowers, two Awakes and the latest book offering for my latest gas. I received almost 1/2 ounce of gas and had to pay a $5.00 service fee for the bartering. They gave me the litterachure back, so I could place it elsewhere. Some lucky laundromat got it. Then some lucky dumpster got it. I got the gas, though. Cost me five bucks, but I got to count the litterachure and the time. However, I'm saved by the grace of God and I have enough gas to push my car to the Hall for the speech I must make at the Service Meeting tonight.

    And turn in my placements and time spent spreading our good news.....


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