What are your greatest qualities?

by JH 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • weinermcgee

    1. I have a spider-sense for being stabbed in the back from years of involvement in JW business ventures.

    2. Honesty- I have heard enough lies to last me several lifetimes in the Borg (the borg idea is great, except the borg have better fashion sense)

    3. Intelligence- I realized all on my own with no influence or reading material what a crock of sh!t living in the Borg was.

    4. Handsome and Charming- Well i did look pretty damn good in my suit, and could charm the panties off any pioneer geekette.

    5. Cleaning skill- Even though the only thing I clean these days are my house and car, I hate the reason of why I'm so good at it. Damn Borg!!!

  • Billygoat

    I'm genuine. I'd make a terrible actress...I can't hide my emotions from anyone.

    I'm generous. If I can help anyone, I try to. It's hard not to help.

    I'm silly. Having a sense of humor is really the only way to maintain your sanity in the bitterness of Life.

    I'm loving. When I love or am In Love, I do it 150%. It's overwhelming to some people, but I don't know how to contain it.

    I'm sensitive. I can almost always understand someone when they're experiencing pain or joy.

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