Why some people leave and live and then it hits them

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  • DannyHaszard

    You are experiencing:PTSD surrogate/displacement rage Garry Buss masterpiece tells all

  • pratt1

    I remember the dark feelings of dispair when I first left the dubs.

    It actually helpped that everyone shunned me, because it taught me to look inward for answers and with the help of therapy from a professional, I learned how to survive.

    I worked on my self, became better educated, became healther ( i joined a gym) and I made it a point to make friends with all types of people.

    15 years later I am much more happy and confident than I ever was as a dub. It wasn't easy and sometimes I do miss some of my old friends, but I feel accomplished and in control.

    Focus on your self and seek professional help if you can.

    You CAN do it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well from what most of you have said it sounds like you are perfectly normal.

    Well as normal as one can be coming out of a high control group like the JWs

  • daystar
    By the time they were in their late 20's or early 30's they began to realize they were carrying a lot of baggage from their earlier years.

    Yeah, I thought I had purged it all after only 4-5 years (I left when I was 18). What I found was that it went much, much deeper. Today, I search out and attempt to destroy any detrimental JW program I find still within myself. Well, I also do that with any programming I find. The Watchtower is certainly not the only source of mental programming we are influenced by. So, generally, I try to recognize programming attempts when they sneak into my field of perception through television or cultural means (or any other for that matter).

    I ignored the matter for a long time though. Now that I've grown older and have a child of my own, I have this sense that I would really like for the rest of my family to join us in freedom from the controlling restraints of the Org.; to become what a more "real" family should be like.

  • Hondo

    I think the inactivity or non-interest in organized type religions, such as the JW's, Catholics, etc., is somewhat prevelent in late teens onward. I am not a JW, never was, but wanted nothing to do with the religion I had been raised in from the time I was ~18 years old until I was about 35 or so. I just became "uninterested". The big difference between the religious group I was associated with and the JW's was, and is, I was not, never was, shunned or ostrasized in any way, shape or form. While I was away, nothing changed with the people that raised me, especially family, in my religion, or with the people of that religion that I had associated with a good portion of my life. All the love, respect, understanding, and caring that I received and felt while I was active was always there, it never left. Essentially, life went on. I am back active now (started attend church again a few years ago), not because It was recommend by anyone that I should "rejoin", but because I felt it was time. What is interesting, is that while I was away, for amost 20 years, I never felt away from God; I always felt..."something." Unlike JW's who decide the leave, I always had the love of my family and friends. Again, life went on. Shunning by the JW's is such a destructive and evil practice.

    Have a good day.

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