Do the Chinese think they will soon take over the World? This is an official response

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  • fulltimestudent

    Lot's of people believe that China will soon be a super-power. I do not!


    While its true that roughly 400 million Chinese have attained a living standard approximating the USA, there is still another 700 million who have not.

    Every year, some 100 million Chinese take overseas holidays. And, many millions of Chinese live overseas, either as students or as representatives of Chinese companies.

    BUT of the 700 million who have not achieved something like western prosperity, some 90 million still live in poverty, leaving 610 million struggling between poverty and a low level of prosperity.

    Until they can live more comfortably, the Chinese government must focus on building a more prosperous nation.

  • fulltimestudent

    Recently a Michael Pillsbury published a book claiming that China had a long term plan to replace the USA as the world hegemon.

    The following response in the official People's Daily newspaper seems to be the Chinese government's response:


    Will China replace US as global superpower?

    (People's Daily Online)    07:41, February 09, 2015
    Will China replace US as global superpower? (People's Daily Online) 07:41, February 09, 2015 The US senior China expert Michael Pillsbury published a new book recently, The Hundred ­Year Marathon. In this book, he said that he was "aware" of China's long ­term strategy: introducing Western technology first, developing a strong economy, and finally replacing the United States as the world's superpower.

    It should be said that China is indeed running a one hundred year marathon ­ a democracy ­building and national rejuvenation process that began last century. After any number of difficulties and setbacks, China successfully ejected the invading powers, achieved national independence, adopted its policy of reform and opening­ up to the outside world, and engaged in international cooperation.

    Today, China has become a moderately prosperous society, and is developing into an emerging world power. In the process of reform and opening up, promotion of institutional advancement, and improvement of human rights and democracy, China has made progress along with many other countries.

    Most of them, like China, have dreams of achieving national development and world progress. In this process, China publicly put forward its explicit ideas for international cooperation. In the era of globalization, the means of production were optimized, which allowed effective cooperation between China's labor resources and Western capital and technology.

    To a certain extent, China's development strategy has created a successful model for other Asia-­Pacific countries and regions. By introducing advanced foreign technology, China has begun to innovate in such areas as high­ speed rail, aerospace and communications. It has also begun to export capital abroad and seek win-­win cooperation with the rest of the world.

    The core idea of Pillsbury's 'Hundred­ Year Marathon' is that China plans "to replace the US as the world's superpower", but the fact is that the Chinese government has never had any such strategy or aspiration. We are convinced that however powerful it might become, China will never engage in illegal acts such as violating the sovereignty of other countries without UN authorization. China is willing to be a power that makes a strong contribution to maintaining world peace, but is also willing to work with the United States and the rest of the world to live in peace. It has no intention of replacing the United States.

    This article was edited and translated from 《取代美国?中国没工夫想这事  source:People's Daily Overseas Edition


  • fulltimestudent

    I'm sure many may disagree (including some posters here). But consider, if prosperity is China's long-term goal, which I suggest is their real goal, will  that prosperity be gained by war?

    The USA has become the world hegemon at tremendous financial cost.

    It's interesting to compare the visits of Presidents Xi and Obama to India. Whereas Xi offered to build connecting rail links to enable trade, Obama's pockets were empty.

  • Magnum
    I've been wondering for a while whether China would become a superpower or the superpower. I kind of thought the situation was headed that way, but you know a lot more about it than I do. Thanks for the info.
  • Bobcat

    I think China would be more than happy if the US would be reduced to being an equal . Not that the US is superior in everything, but China sees the US acting and thinking that way.

    One thing that I think China has to face and deal with is a looming ecological nightmare from their rapid economic expansion. I believe this is maybe their greatest looming problem.

    Another problem China would face if they wanted to be a global hegemon like the US is their location on the map. The US is geographically located in such a way that enhances its global position in the world. 


  • DJS


    Thank you for your balanced evaluation. Most, if not all, of the types of statements coming from those who believe that China is taking over economically and militarily come from those with personal agendas.

    On this site (I won't mention his name but his initials are M.E.T.A.T.R.O.N), every few months we got another OP defining why China was taking over. As you recall, the rationals and the educated would respond that it wasn't going to be that easy and some of the factoids being spouted as data were missing a lot of analysis.

    I think the reasons for the China Syndrome varies. We know our friend above has an intense OCD hatred from the West. His rants are easily dismissed because, as I've pointed out, if little green men from space meandered their way to our planet and stated they were going to crush the British/US military/economic machine, our friend would have an orgasm.

    And then there are the bible thumpers looking for the new King of the North. I don't really know what to say beyond that.

    The final group seem to be seeking attention by making sensationalist 'you heard it here first' type of statements. Those who make economic statements who do not understand economics, or those who make military statements who do not understand military capabilities, but who have nonetheless been able to have their prophetic announcements published thereby creating a facade of legitimacy, provide the grist for the OCD and the end-of-timers' mills.

    Thank you for bringing rational analysis to the topic. BTW, where is our little OCD friend? I miss him.

  • Vidiot

    In my experience, the only people who are really worried about someone else trying to take over the world are ones that, if given the chance, would quite happily take over the world themselves.

    China isn't going to try and dominate the planet for the same reason Alexander the Great gave up trying to conquer the world...'s just too damn big with too many people for it to be possible.

  • hoser
    Who would want to take over the world anyway. Think of all the taxes you'd have to pay. 
  • sowhatnow

    with all the air pollution id say they wont live very long , but why would china want to take over anyone's land? they have some of the best realestate around, they just have to figure out , like the US, how to clean up their act.

    what they [and everyone else] should be doing is forcing out all the dirty factories, and stop exporting and importing and be self sufficient.

  • Bobcat

    An interesting look at how much of a threat China poses to US hegemony from Forbes magazine - here.

    And another interesting perspective from "World Beyond War" here.


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