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  • aniron

    Does anyone know of a website that has tracts/leaflets about the JW's , that can be printed off.

    That can be used to distribute locally to warn people about their teachings.

    I seem to recall seeiing one but can't remember it.

  • Legolas

    Are you going to pass them out?...LOL

  • carla

    I pass out the 'cease & desist' letter along with the tri-fold you can print off from Silentlambs, also included is a pamphlet from Macgregor Ministries about what the jw's actually teach. They have a few different ones you can order. And inside of that goes a sticker that says 'Please no visits by Jehovahs Witnesses'. There is a website that offers postcards, very colorful and short to the point messages for jw's. However, I can't remember where. To date I have 'placed' my own anti-witnessing literature in 200 paperboxes. Will get back to it shortly. It really doesn't take much time. I used to do it on foot, but a quick half hour in the car can easily do at least 50-75 homes. Of course the sh** will hit the fan when it becomes known that I am doing that. Too bad. He is the one who suggested I start an anti-cult ministry. Can I help it if he doesn't remember? Besides what is different about what I am doing and what jw's do? We both believe in the message we are trying to spread. carla

  • rebel8

    You can also visit my site and copy/paste portions into a word document. Someday I may reformat it so it can be easily converted into a handout.

  • aniron

    Yes, I am going to pass them out.

    I did it in the area I lived in last year.

    I had a leaflet that could be put through peoples doors briefly explaining JW teachings and few questions that they could be asked. But I lost it off my computer files when I got a virus. Can't remember which website I got it from.

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