just begged for my job back

by JW83 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Es

    Oh babe thats suxs hey, for me there is nothing worst than being stuck in a job you hate but cant get out coz you need the money....pls keeps us posted how things go es

  • JW83

    Thanks guys, some great advice there! I definitely need to keep breathing!

    I still hadn't heard anything so I just called & he said, that's okay, you're casual, but I'm taking the opportunity to review the work situation, & to call back tomorrow afternoon. Since I last worked there properly a couple of years ago, 3 women now do the job I did (float secretary), & there really isn't enough work for me, so I'm not hopeful ... oh well, guess it gives me a chance to concentrate on the sprog & on applications ... Win-win, right?!

  • JW83

    Just got off the phone with the boss! I've got my job back for a month, then he'll see! Yay! I'm sure my natural charm will win him over!

  • misanthropic

    Yay! I bet that's a weight off your shoulders.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Congratulations!!!!! And if you don't get to keep it after 1 month, Alot of places will be hiring on Christmas help right after that time. HL

  • Cygnus

    Wish I could work. Thank God I have no need for expensive toys and Thank Caty for teaching me how to shop for bargains.

  • katiekitten

    Well done on getting your job back.

    I was going to say I have known quite a few people quit their jobs and then ask for them back, and get them back. Apart from the embarrasment of changing your mind, its just easier for the employer to take the same person back rather than have to recruit - advertise, short list, interview, second interview - its takes a long time and costs too much.

    Im sure you will get to keep the job after the month, and its at least bought you a month to look for a job you like better.

    Cygnus hunny, why cant you work? (I know it plays hell with ones finger nails )

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