More Gilead school gems--keep "plugging away"!

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  • sir82

    Here is another snippet from a friend-of-a-friend in Gilead school, which is now winding down. I posted several other such snippets in weeks past. Lately the e-mails have been as mundane as any old Watchtower article, but I caught something kind of interesting here:

    I thought this was a good point that could be used for shepherding in
    light of all the family problems today. After David sinned with
    Bathsheba he was forgiven but was told that there would be problems with
    his family the rest of his life. How did David react? Did he stop
    serving Jehovah thinking their was no point, he was doomed to failure? Did he stop trying to help his family knowing that his efforts could
    still fail? No! He kept going, he kept plugging away. Even in his last
    hours of life he tried to encourage Solomon to keep serving Jehovah. What
    a great example for parents. No matter what situations in the family
    life happen we shouldn't loose faith or just give up because the odds
    against us are many. Rather we keep doing our best and remember that
    Jehovah sees our faithful example.

    I find it rather interesting how David's efforts are described. Is serving Jehovah "joyful", or "stimulating", or "refreshing"? Does it lead to "enlightenment", or "inner peace", or "satisfaction"? Nope, David just "kept plugging away".

    Fascinating Freudian slip, I think. I imagine a third world peasant pulling a cart with all his worldly possessions through knee-deep mud, "just plugging away". Not sure if the instructor used those words, or if it is a summation made by the student, but I think it offers insight into how JWs really think of their service. So much for "my yoke is kindly, and my load is light".

  • jgnat

    David didn't just "plug away" afterwards. After the loss of his first child with Bathsheba, they conceived again. Solomon. The light of David's eye. I am pretty sure much of his wealth accumulation happened after this event as well, and David was well-prepared to build the temple if God hadn't put the brakes on.

    David was a vital man until his death. Well, at least until they found that Shunnamite cutie to keep him warm at night.

    JW's indeed do "plug away". Is that what God designed us for, to "plug away" like robots for a faint future hope? Where is the vitality?

  • GetBusyLiving

    These guys are just "plugging" their entire lives away. A dub ex-friend of mine recently old me that a couple in the hall I used to go to have sold everything and just up and moved to Russia to "serve where the need is greater". His intent was no doubt to encourage me that some dubs are still "zealous for fine works", but all I could think of was how pissed these guys are gonna be when they one day find out they've wasted so much of their lives "plugging away" for the Watchtower.


  • carla

    As a non jw I found it intersting that 'in his last hours' he kept "talking" to his family member. With the many posts I see how parents do not talk with their children even in their lasts hours. carla

  • Honesty

    Another dead-end philosophy for a dead-end cult.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    I have thought, as I have re-read this account in recent years, that the perfect soundtrack for the lives of David and Solomon would be the music from "The Godfather". It has it all:Power Struggle, Murder, Incest, Rape, Revenge.

    I can see Al Pacino as Solomon, Abe Vigoda as Joab being hacked to pieces while holding the horns of the altar in the temple. Marlon Brando (as he looked in Mutiny on the Bounty) as King David.

    "Today, I have settled all accounts. Adonijah wanted Abishag, so he's been taken care of. Joab betrayed the family, so he's gone. Barzini, Tattaglia, Stracchi, Cuneo, all the heads of the five families...", whoops, wrong characters! But it's all the same. Divine right of kings, and all the scullduggery that goes with it.

  • rebel8

    She better read more Awakes so as to get her college level education and learn how to spell the word "lose".

    we shouldn't loose faith
  • hamsterbait

    "Loose" is the correct spelling. Such damaging teachings should not be let loose on the world.


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