Evolution - Have you ever thought about...?

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  • logansrun

    I remember when I was a JW creationist I thought of all sorts of "But have they thought about....?" questions for evolutionists. "Have evolutionists thought about why, if we evolved from monkeys, there are still monkeys?" "Have they thought about how asexual plants and animals could evolve?" "Have they thought about why humans are the ONLY species which is conscious of itself?" "Have they....???" And on and on and on.

    Short answer: They have. I thought I was "sooo smart" for seemingly being able to ask "imponderable" questions that some PhD in biology from Oxford must have missed. Boy was I wrong.

    Why don't people just do themselves a favor and do some research on the internet from one of the great sites on evolution such as www.talkorigins.com (or is it .org?)? Yes, r-e-s-e-a-r-ch. These types of questions have been asked and very good naturalistic explanations are out there.


  • Carmel

    Years ago while living in SE Alaska I was amazed at how the native fishermen could look at a tube of salmon and distinguish which one came from which river in the region. To me they were all identical, yet they could detect miniscule differences. Ten years later after many millions of fish, I found my self making the same differentiation while the salmon were still in the water swiming. I guess my point is simply piling on that we are much abler at seeing subtle differences within our own secies and race.

    As to the assertion that Europeans are a melting pot but mongrolized due to climate change, think about that. The two are unrelated and to a degree contradictory.


  • Qcmbr

    logansrun - you rude dink.

    It isn't an anti evolution/anything question at all - its just an interesting thought that I wanted to let everyone have a look at - I thought our evolutionary buffs would have some good answers - hence the bias on the question. I haven't seen you post that sort of comment at the end of every single question thread that could potentially be 'solved' by one person. I thought this was a message board where we all talked with each other about interesting viewpoints, ideas and questions.

  • Pole

    I remember reading about a social study showing that people are much better in recognizing faces of people of their own race. So for an Eastern European living in a 99% white society all blacks are much more similar to each other than whites. And vice versa, for an Angolan, whites are much more similar to each other than blacks are.
    So much of it is just an illusion.

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