Have You Witnessed To JW's With Postcards?

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    postcards containing delightful words of truth about the troof

    I don't see the word proselytizing anywhere in the thread except from an individual who equates exposing the truth about the troof with proselytes and/or proselytizing. Information that may open the closed mind of a JW is not what I define as proselytizing.

    Would you not rejoice if one of your family members or a close friend read something simple and to the point about the WTBTS which motivated them to do some research and they exited the cult to live free like you and me?

    Here are a few examples of the same old BS that just might get one of your family or friends to question the authority of the borg:

    If you are currently serving as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I encourage you to examine your beliefs in light of Bible truths. Pray to Jehovah to illuminate your path. Things are not nearly as black and white as you may be convinced that they are. The Watchtower has many of the basic concepts of Christianity wrong, made painfully obvious by the decay of love in the congregations. Love is what Jesus said would be evident among His followers . There is only one way to follow Christ and achieve salvation, and it doesn't involve works. It doesn't involve how many hours of service you put in, or how faithfully you attend the meetings. It is faith in Jesus Christ as our savior, plain and simple. Certain leaders don't want you to latch on to that beautiful truth, because it doesn't lend itself to the business goals of a worldwide publishing corporation.

    "When our own thoughts are forbidden, when our questions are not allowed and our doubts are punished, when contacts and friendships outside of the organization are censored, we are being abused for an end that never justifies its means. When our heart aches knowing we have made friendships and secret attachments that will be forever forbidden if we leave, we are in danger. When we consider staying in a group because we cannot bear the loss, disappointment, and sorrow our leaving will cause for ourselves and those we have come to love, WE ARE IN A CULT."

    If the Society does not claim to be a *real* prophet; a true prophet - then wouldn't that mean that there isn't *any* actual prophet on earth today? The only other source of prophets would be "Babylon the Great," wouldn't it? Isn't the Watchtower Society the only possible source of a real prophet? But if they deny being such a prophet, then wouldn't that mean that there isn't one single prophet on earth today?

    The Greek word translated as "boast" is kauchomai, which is translated to boast or glory over something. Paul plainly gloried in the symbol of the cross; it was a sign of victory, not defeat. In 1 Cor. 1:17,18 he tells us that Christ sent him to preach the message of the cross, and that people would stand or fall according to their response to such a simple message! He goes on to say that some (like the Jews and the JWs) would stumble over the cross (because of its shameful significance in their minds), while others would consider it foolishness (verses 21-23). But to Christians the cross meant the power and the wisdom of God! He says that this is because God deliberately chose the weak, foolish and despised things of the world to make his point, so that his children could glory in what others consider despised!

    If you haven't really seen anything
    If what you've said in the past turns out to be untrue
    If all you provide is the hearsay filtered to you from a dubious source
    If you can't even speak for yourself and what you independently observe
    If you don't trust the thoughts of your own mind
    How is it that you're a witness ?

    I dedicated my life to Jehovah...and then discovered that the organization I trusted viewed my dedication to Jehovah as a dedication to them. It never was. In my years as a JW I witnessed many families torn apart because of the organization. If you stay in long enough, you will see the same thing. I left because I could no longer trust them.... I never lost my trust in Jehovah...just my trust in an organization that would use my love for Him to manipulate me to further their own interests. It's a business... That's all it is. It cannot give you salvation, nor can it take it away. They have neither the power nor the authority. When you stand before your maker, you stand as an individual...not as a group. You cannot hide behind the skirts of any organization. Only God can read your heart and determine your standing... not a group of elderly men in Brooklyn.

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    It's the "same old shit" in the sense of the compulsive need to proselytize and the assumed efficacy of such evangelism.

    Looks like logan was posting after his bedtime it doesn't take much to set him off at that hour.

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