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  • hamsterbait

    Do any of you have a specific policy as to which threads you will even look at let alone reply to?

    What sort of topic 'grabber' attracts you to read further?

    I have noticed that there are definite patterns in who visits what thread.

    Also, how frequently do you dip back to where you posted to see iff anyone has replied?

  • Legolas

    I like fun threads,ones were I can LMAO

  • Sassy

    well I typically read the ones that I notice someone needs support..

    or is celebrating some good news..

    or.. well.. yeah.. Sex.. those topics grab my attention.

  • Legolas
    well I typically read the ones that I notice someone needs support..

    or is celebrating some good news..

    Yes me too ...I should have added those.

  • damselfly

    I try to always respond to somone who needs help.

    I have my fav posters and always check their topics.

    Funny topics are a fav as well.


  • daystar

    I've a wide array I think. If you're really asking for a specific policy I have, you won't find one. Are there people here who actually have a policy written up for themselves to follow?

    It's easier to say what's not a grabber for me.

    I won't typically repond to any posts where the poster is playing the dates and numbers game. It's all so very tiring and meaningless to me nowdays, like intense mental masturbation, except not so fun.

    I'm beginning to think I'm going to stop replying on any of hibiscus' threads as well. They only serve to frustrate. No reason, only blindness.

    I won't typically comment on a thread where the person, in the face of all reason, sticks with the WTS, and yet comes here and whines about it. Don't complain to me when you keep doing something you know to be damaging.

  • misanthropic

    Well the title of this thread caught me eye....

  • Ellie

    I prefere the threads that I don't have to think about too much, the ones that are easy on the old brain.

  • Krystal

    I tend to stay away from the ones that are debating prophecy/dogma... I did enough of that as a witness...

    I like reading the experiences of others ; moral debates and of course the funny ones!

  • katiekitten

    I like following Legolas, because she has such funny little yellow men!

    I like the ones where I can be stupid and irreverent. I avoid the ones where I have to think, or the ones about heavy bible dogma - im such a lightweight.

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