Plain Truth Magazine plug: It is basically all anti-cult all the time!!!

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  • Cognitive_Dissident

    Although I definitely agree that PTM has there own agenda (recruitment in to the 'new and improved' Worldwide Church of God), I know that when I first read the apology that they published in PTM, what struck me most was that it allowed the members to decide whether or not they wanted to leave or stay. It gave them a dignified way out.

    Unfortunately, that is not a type of apology I could EVER see the WTBTS making. Especially the section that stated "There was never an intent to mislead anyone. We were so focused on what we thought we were doing for God that we didn’t recognize the spiritual path we were on. Intended or not, that path was not the Biblical one." I respect the ones that crafted that public apology for the reason that it gave their R&F an admission of guilt, and didn't shift the blame to those same R&F. That's the kind of psychological signpost that would be the most helpful, and safe, in allowing the R&F JWs to transition out of the brainwashing bin.

    But what am I saying? I'm expecting compassion and reason from an organization whose entire history has displayed anything but.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog



    Hell is the separation and alienation from God chosen by incorrigible sinners. In the New Testament, hell is referred to by the terms "lake of fire," "darkness," and Gehenna (a gorge outside Jerusalem where garbage was burned). Hell is characterized by punishment, torment, anguish, weeping and gnashing of teeth, and eternal destruction. The biblical terms Sheol and Hades, often translated "hell" or "the grave," refer to the realm of the dead. The Bible teaches that unrepentant sinners will suffer the second death in the lake of fire, but it does not make absolutely clear whether this means annihilation or conscious spiritual alienation from God.

    Eternal Judgment

    At the end of the age, God will gather all the living and the dead before the heavenly throne of Christ for judgment. The righteous will receive eternal glory, and the wicked will be condemned to the lake of fire. In Christ the Lord makes gracious and just provision for all, even for those who at death appear not to have believed the gospel.

    This is the kind of thinking that got Russel into trouble in the first place!

    D Dog

  • richard

    WCG's mainline tendency since the early 1990s and its abandonment of Armstrong's teachings has resulted in many fundamentalistic split offs (Church of God International, Philadelphia Church of God, Global Church of God, United Church of God, and many others) each of which considers itself the true heir of Armstrong's doctrines. The Philadelphia Church of God (, for example, publishes a (free) magazine that is hardly distinguishable from Awake! - except from its ranting and raving against WCG's liberal course and its continous emphasis on Germany as a threat for world piece.

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Having grown up in the WCG back in the Armstrong days, I have a hard time thinking anything good of them. My parents probably still have hundreds of copies of the Plain Truth and Good News (Good News was similar to Plain Truth, but was more exclusive, intended only for members, not general public or prospects) from the old days. I'm not sure I could bring myself to read one of them, no matter how much they have changed since splintering into dozens of sects since HWA's death.

    AATW, of the 'once bitten, twice shy' class


    My dad, who died in the disfellowshipped state, used to read these when I was a child living at home. I used to glance through them. I noticed a lot of jw-slamming. I suspect it helped my dad to leave the borg. And maybe it helped him stay out, too. He was fortunate, he had a network of support to help him stay out. My mom wasn't so lucky. She was df'd for 15 years and crawled back in.

    I would not take on a belief system like they endorse ... still way too many rules for my free-style kinda life.

    I figure it is a tool, though. Helps a person gain a foothold on the "outside" of the borg.

    I'm still exploring options, like an earlier post said, "Once bit -- twice shy".



  • JH

    Before joining the JW's, I used to listen to Herbert W Armstrong on TV. I found him very interesting. I also had Plain Truth magazines and booklets. Then when I joined the JW's I used these magazines to argue the JW's. The brother studying with me, didn't want to look at the Plain Truth magazines I had.

  • steve2

    The WCG has turned doctrinal and organisational flip-flopping into an art form. For free, you can consult this group if your back's against the wall and there's no where else to turn. The WCG can turn dross into "gold" and successfully get you to sell and buy your own grandmother. Artful!

  • M.J.

    Just got my first issue. Cover story is about escaping from cult control. Very nice.

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