New Watchtower artists?

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  • lucky

    The website recently held a photoshop contest, asking for entries that depict mass destruction. It looks like some of these entries could have been taken straight from the pages of the watchtower publications.

  • skyman

    Great pictures. It's hard to believe how real some of them looked

  • katiekitten

    I see Jehovahs for sale again. Is he new or second hand? (pre owned as they say in posh shops round by me)

  • blondie

    These are photos, not original drawings/art. The WTS has used purchased photos many times in their publications and usually note that at the bottom or with cover shots on the inside cover page.

    It is not a sign of weakness or flaws for them to do so. No point in flying to the Antarctica to get a shot by a JW photographer when they are out their for legal purchase.

    Now if hand-drawn depictions of the Wild Beast of Revelation or the Bride of Christ show up and they are done by non-JWs, that would be a change of note.


  • lucky

    I think these images can still be considered "art" because they are photo montages done using Adobe Photoshop software.

    I realize that the Watchtower artists create original drawings and paintings, and that the publications often use "stock" or purchased photography when appropriate. I wasn't trying to imply that the Watchtower was purchasing art; I was just struck by the similarities between the contest artists' depictions of mass destruction and the pictures of mass destruction that have appeared in the various watchtower publications, such as the Revelation book.

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