What's your All-time fantasy BASKETBALL team?

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  • avishai

    uhhh, pr......

    Do you know who "tiny"archibald was? With that kind of assit power with those other guys...I mean Jordan was great, but, ya don't need him on every fantasy team!

    This is a guy who in his third season was averaging 34 pts and 11 assists. The only guy ever to lead in both in a season.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I grew up in Utah so naturally:

    1. John Stockton

    2. The Mailman

    3.Larry Bird

    4. Magic

    5.Julius Irving

  • pr_capone

    lol Avashi... yeh, I know who he is. I would put him as a 6th man but not above Jordan though.

    Perhaps I would think differently if I had gotten the opportunity to watch him play though. *shrugs*

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Buster

    Avishi: Exactly! Tiny was amazing and he dished the ball around.

    PR (nice to talk to you again): I left out Jordan on purpose. He was a great athlete. But I like Magic better for his passing skills.

  • lola28

    PR_Capone, Okay I know I'm going to get it for saying this, Jordan was great but I never really liked him, I don't know why but he has always bothered me. I guess the reason I listed Malone as my first pick is not only because he was a gret player but the season he spent with the Lakers left a lasting impression. Malone would always place the blame on himself even when he was not to blame. They could loose a game and he would always be the one to step in front of the camaras and say it was his fault. The one game I will always remember was the game they palyed on mothers day, Malone was great. it was the frst game that his mother was not there for and he still gave a great game.

    Okay I think I got way off topic, so I will stop now.

    Lola ( of the likes Karl Malone alot class. Ahhh Karl Malone)

  • jeeprube

    Jordan (of course), Pistol Pete, Dennis Rodman, That center from the Pistons with the big hair, Karl Malone

  • avishai

    Update for 2007? Been a few more players come in...Some darn good ones..

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