How I am dealing with "The Bible says you have to go to all the meetings!!"

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  • carla

    I think that to rely on such human constructs is actually a lack of faith. It shows that a person does not believe or trust in the Holy Spirit to perfect us. Instead we want to rely on outside social pressures to keep us in line.

    I have tried that argument as well. He just says if he were to (for instance) go to some other church with me, "it would hurt his god jehovah". How? no answer, it just would. change the subject. But, if I say, I could go into anyplace be it a synogogue, Bhuddist Temple, or whatever it wouldn't affect my sprirituality with God at all. It would be fascinating from a cultural point of view, but wouldn't change my relationship with God or my thinking on the Bible, then why won't I go with him to the hell? damned if you do, damned if you don't. Appeal to his sense of fairness (if there was any) you go to something of my choice, I'll go to something of yours. No deal.

    I have said that the wt does not allow the Holy Spirit to do His job, in essence the wt has 'fired' the Holy Spirit. They assume everybody must be the same and all must have the gift of being able to go door to door. Well some just can't. What about the painfully shy? What about other gifts? Charitable works? They keep people immature to keep them in control. No need to research, your brothers have done that for you. Would they tell their children the same thing when it comes to school work? My kids in even the lower grades were required to some pretty extreme research including writing to scientist, footnoting all quotes and including extensive bibliographies. Should we expect less from someone claiming they have the 'truth' about God and one's eternity?


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