Does the Bible Have a Hidden Code?

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  • Leolaia

    The WTS is right that the "Bible code" bunk is pure drivel, and the WTS misses the plank in its own eye by creating out of Bible vacuous doctrines such as 1914. But notice this too:

    How happy we are to have the Bible's clear message and instruction, which can help us to know God! This is far better than trying to learn about our Creator by searching for hidden messages that are the products of private interpretation and computer-assisted imagination.—Matthew 7:24, 25.

    "Private interpretation" is what apostates do. This is a buzz word (based on 2 Peter 1:20-21, in conjunction with "those who quietly bring in destructive sects") used in earlier WTS statements about those wiley 'postates and "religionists" of Christendom:

    ***w79 9/1 p. 30 The Royal "Shepherd" of Bible Prophecy***

    People disrespectful of Jehovah do not like to accept what the Jeremiah class declare to be "the burden of Jehovah." So they do not like to remember it as something really serious. By way of a counter-proposition, they follow their prophets and priests in presenting what they insist is the real "burden" of God’s Word. But their counter-proposition is not based on the Holy Scriptures. It is of private interpretation, and so it "becomes to each one his own word." To such self-opinionated religionists, the Jeremiah class say: "You have changed the words of the living God, Jehovah of armies, our God." (Jer. 23:33-36) But can they change the calamity about which the "burden of Jehovah" warns us? Aha, No!

    ***yb83 p. 141 Portugal ***

    These studies began to be held with greater frequency. But a tendency arose to deviate from the published material and to give private interpretations. Finally, young Garrido spoke up: "Why don’t we hold to the material published in the magazines instead of introducing other information? After all, is not everything we need published by the Society? We have already confirmed the fact that we can put full trust in Jehovah’s organization."

    ***w84 5/15 p. 18 Empowered With Strength Beyond Normal ***

    They would allow each one to be guided by his own private reading and interpretation of the Bible instead of being brought into a unity of people trained to live and act according to the lofty principles and reminders of God’s Word. (Psalm 133:1-3; 1 Corinthians 1:10) They would mislead others into believing that Jehovah will indefinitely keep on forgiving sinners as long as they make an outward show of repentance. Interesting in this regard is what Isaiah 32:7 says about apostates of ancient Israel: "As for the unprincipled man, his instruments [means of accomplishing his purpose] are bad; he himself has given counsel for acts of loose conduct, to wreck the afflicted ones with false sayings, even when someone poor speaks what is right."

    ***km 9/95 p. 6 Maintaining a Balanced View of Computer Technology ***

    Just as an unscrupulous individual can place on a bulletin board a virus—a program designed to corrupt and destroy computer files—apostates, clergymen, and persons seeking to corrupt others morally or otherwise can freely place their poisonous ideas on bulletin boards. Unless a bulletin board, even one labeled "JW Only," is properly supervised, with its use being limited to those who are mature, faithful servants of Jehovah, it could expose Christian users to "bad associations." (1 Cor. 15:33) The Society has received reports that such so-called private networks have been used not only to speculate regarding spiritual matters but also to give bad advice, spread gossip and false information, plant negative ideas, raise questions and doubts that subvert the faith of some, and disseminate private interpretations of Scripture. On the surface, some information may appear to be interesting and informative, and yet it may be laced with poisonous elements.

    *** km 12/03 p. 5 Theocratic Ministry School Review ***

    To ‘handle the word of the truth aright,’ we must explain the scriptures in harmony with what the Bible itself teaches. This requires that we take into account the context and avoid private interpretation based on personal ideas or worldly philosophy. This is important because God’s will is that people come to "an accurate knowledge of truth." (1 Tim. 2:3, 4)

    For the Witness who knows nothing but what the WTS teaches, the Drosnin "Bible Code" drivel is just the sort of wacky misinterpretation of the Bible that occurs outside of "God's organization"....thank God we have God's organization to tell us what we should believe....

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Well, frankly, in a nutshell, if it does the Annointed (TM) have only a short time to decipher it as they are all coffin dodgers now and the Bible was written FOR THEM!

  • LongHairGal

    (I'm blushing)

    I am one of those idiots who believed there was a code in the bible and that the dubs were special because they figured out.

    Yes. I was gullible.

  • RevFrank

    A Code? There has been many writings on the issue. But a code? I don't think so. What it is, is how ancient hebrew is written.

    Can anyone recall if you read a scripture and understand it's meaning, yet come back to it after a period of time and discover there's more then what you thought?

    I have acopy of, "The Interlinear Bible of Hebrew-Greek-English." The writings in Hebrew in text aren't words but ideograms..Those ideograms are translated into words..then so forth..But the ideograms have great meaning...So I used the ideograms, yet stopped midstream and read horizontally. I stumbled unto a new or different meaning. And to translate that and was shocked.

    I believe we might be all mentioned, everyone that has walked the earth, could be mentioned.

    Earlier in this section I read it named P.M. and who was assassinated.

    Only God Himself could write out these ideograms. If you can recall Jesus telling us about the ,"End Times," expressing that, that time man will have great knowledge. As for codes, some refer, from bible scripture..only a computer with great speed could translate this code at such speed to analize these ancient writings as a code.

    So with this great knowledge which Daniel, also, mentioned..God told Daniel to hide these things until the end times come near...Daniel write these things thousands of years ago. So is this the time man would be able to translate and understand these prophecies? Christ told us to be ready according to prophecy.

    Many of these prophecies are unfolding now. Over the last 100 years this world has seen things no man in history has ever seen. Example .......

    "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."(MATT 24:6) World War I was the first time in history that the entire world was involved...I believe these are the beginning of the prelude of the end times...


  • Terry


    Hebrew had no number system; or, should I more precisely say: it had no SEPARATE signs for quantities like we have. The same is true of the Greek language.

    This made writing quantities a rather dicey matter as you can imagine.

    To a person whose life is filled with superstitious nonsense the temptation was overwhelming to look down after writing certain strings of numbers and ====noticing====the quantities SPELLED OUT WORDS!


    Could this be mere co-incidence? Why certainly not. (Bollocks!)

    Maybe...just MAYbe....this MEANT SOMETHING!?!???

    And off we go into fantasy land. The Rabbinical commentaries are filled with incessant preoccupations with secret or hidden "meaning" in the chaotic (but, occasionally ordered "seemingly") appearance of words or phrases in numbers. Anagrams too! (Hell, why not?)

    Now, so too the Greeks.

    Numerology and hermenutics; secret societies and mystery religions sprung out of these obsessive-compulsive disorders in the hands of brilliant lunatics.

    The Kaballah? Don't get me started.................

    Oh get the idea.

    Try this:




    etc. (write the whole thing out)

    Now, keep in mind this is English we are using (every language will have its own letter/number combinations) and the fun is endless.

    Okay, take your phone numbers, social security number, address, license number, etc. anything/everything and convert the numbers into letters. I'll just bet there is a hidden word or two lurking in there somewhere if you are__lucky__(wink wink/nudge nudge).

    If you were living in the B.C.E. era there were no movies, TV, video games, CD's, radio, automobiles, electricity, baseball or internet porn to occupy the nerds. Really, all they had was religious speculation and pederasty to keep their minds busy!!

    I got yer Bible Code....right here! (indecent gesture).


  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    there is even a large book suggesting how the entire gospel of mark is written to be a huge numbers game

    with many phrases being crafted to come out with certain special and holy number combinations

  • Leolaia
    The writings in Hebrew in text aren't words but ideograms..Those ideograms are translated into words..then so forth..

    Hebrew orthography is alphabetic like Greek or Arabic, not ideographic like Chinese. The Hebrew letter 'aleph for instance does not represent a "bull" but represents a consonant, namely, a glottal stop.

    I believe we might be all mentioned, everyone that has walked the earth, could be mentioned. ...Only God Himself could write out these ideograms.

    Or simple chance. Hebrew text is consonantal (thus omitting vowels) and lacks word boundaries. The former reduces the total number of names to look for and the latter makes it completely discretionary what letter strings one looks for (where they begin and where they end). When one does the Bible Code, and reads the text from a different direction or skipping letters, one essentially creates a new consonantal text. The three-letter skip produces a different text than a four-letter skip or a five-letter skip, etc. -- which increases the degrees of freedom and greatly expands the original consonantal text of the Torah into a truly massive text. The loose "methodology" and the expansion of the text in different directions makes it statistically easy to find letter strings, as has been demonstrated in the case of Moby Dick. And the discovery of a letter string which corresponds in a rough way to a "name" is NOT the same thing as the discovery of the actual name itself in the text, as if the text one has created by skipping letters actually refers to a person bearing the name. One can set up a program to randomly generate letters on a keyboard and if some letter strings look like words, this does not mean that the letter strings are intentional words.

  • Ingenuous

    Quoting Terry:

    I'd wager there are only about 50 JW's in the world who actually take the time to UNDERSTAND the stated explanation of 1914. Most merely assume it is proven fact because it has numbers in it, adding and subtracting and mentions historical dates. Period.

    I'd venture that most JWs who "understand" the 1914 teaching simply crack open their "Reasoning" books, read pages 95 and 96, do the math outlined on page 97, and leave it at that.

    That's what I did.
    Quoting LHG:
    I am one of those idiots who believed there was a code in the bible and that the dubs were special because they figured out.

    Well, if you were an idiot, I was even more so. I remember giving a talk on the Ministry School on the 1914 chronology. I was amazed when all these old-timers, along with everyone else, was so impressed at my "succinct" and "clear" explanation of it. And then there's the comforting assumption of "Salvation Through Organization": "Somebody in Brooklyn understands it so I don't have to."

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