1 Cor. 13:8

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    To that end, even Paul and others prophesied (see John's "Revelation", as a prpphetic vision). Jesus comments relate to the false prophets that would come in the last days, but doesn't rule out the possibility of true prophets (which they at one time claimed to be).

    Hm, now I`m not sure. You could be right. And yes, Revelation is of course supposed to be a prophetic vision. And the entire NT is supposed to have been written by divine inspiration (which would also be considered a sort of prophesying). I`m not sure why I came away with that notion, that there would be no prophesying after Jesus. But, at least concerning JW-doctrine: A part of JW-doctrine is that "the age of miracles" ended with Jesus Christ. Noone would perform miracles after him, and if you were to see something "miracelous" happen, it would surely be something from the demons. This is part of JW-doctrine. Which just makes their insane claims of "divine intervention", like in that episode in Australia in the 80s, when a bomb exploded in a KH, and noone was hurt, just even more stupid. In my opinion, prophesying (real, accurate prophesying) must be seen as a miracle, don`t you think, in the sense of "divine guiding/intervention"? And yes, I know Jesus warnings about false prophets were about prophets in the last days, but at the time of Christ, noone thought/knew that it would take 2000 years (or 3000, or 4000, who knows) before these last days would occur. I think the followers of christ believed that they were living "in the end times", I don`t think they believed 2000 years would pass, and still no second coming. Also, the texts of the NT are supposed to be (by legend) the accounts of people who lived at the time of Christ, people who actually knew him (although secular history shows that John is probably not the real author of Revelation, from a christian viewpoint, it is supposed to be an account of his vision, a man who lived alongside Christ - so this doesn`t necessarily mean that my "no prophets after christ" - belief is wrong...although I`m not so sure anymore)

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