the law was nailed to the torture stake

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  • sunshine2

    ....this is what the bible says.......then how is it that the WTBTS lays up even more rules and regulations then they had in the Mosaic Law? Does this not defeat the purpose of Christ's death? If the law was the tutor leading to Christ, now that he died for us, why all these rules?

  • AlmostAtheist

    They kick all those old rules back into play by relabelling them "bible principles".

    "While no longer under the Law, true Christians today are still guided by the principles contained therein" -- that sort of dribble allows them to recycle the "two witnesses" rule, establish "judicial committees", and justify their inhumane shunning practices.


  • Ingenuous

    Sunshine - This is probably why there will never be a close reading of Galatians 3 @ the Hall. The scripture touches not only on the Mosaic "Law" but any system of "law" [lower case "l"] deemed necessary for salvation.

    Too, the Org says the "great crowd" don't have a personal relationship with God and that Jesus is not their mediator; they've got no other means of salvation than to "grab the skirt" of the so-called anointed. Therefore, whatever they say, goes.

  • Forscher

    They ignore that fact because the real founder of Jehovah's Witnesses (Rutherford, not Russell) was an ambitious lawyer. Lawyers love laws. So when he took over the WTBTS after Russell's death, he set about trying to make the Bible Students (who still exist to this day) subject to a long list of laws and rules. Bible Students report that upwards of half or more of their fellows saw his legalism as apostasy and refused to allow the WTBTS to be their lord and master instead of what it was from the begining, a tool used by the movement to print literature. Rutherford then formally separated the WTBTS from the Bible Student movement and named his group of followers "Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Because Rutherford embraced legalism fromm the begining, his intellectual heirs are still enamoured with it. Since Rutherford was obsessed with control over his flock, his heirs to the leadership of HIS flock still are just as obsessed with control. It is all they really know! So, for them, legalism and control is the answer to all their problems. The truth of what you said and the fact that Jesus condemned legalism hisself do not even show up on the radar for these folks.


  • skyman

    I have thought about this alot and you are right.

  • sunshine2

    makes sense.

  • Satanus

    That's why the churches are closer to original christianty that the wt corp.


  • Shining One
    Shining One

    hmmm, why all the rules? The Law is a teaching about the holiness of God and the depravity of man:

    1) For our own good; 2) For God's glory; 3) To show us that we are sinners and cannot redeem ourselves.

    Jesus came and died to redeem us, simple belief in and acceptance of His sacrifice in our behalf will result in salvation, i.e. John 3.3, 5, 16-19, 5.8; Romans 3.10, 23, 6.23, 10.9-11, Rev. 3.20. It is an exchange: we are forgiven a debt that we cannot hope to repay, in exchange for faith and belief in Jesus Christ, it is imputed. We are given grace, not justice and even that is not a work of ours, nor can we work for it in any way (Eph. 2.8-9)!
    Look at it this way: we are eternal souls who dwell in physical bodies and the hereafter has two sections; smoking or non-smoking.

  • hamsterbait

    And I thought God created tobacco!


  • Terry

    I always ask this question and I never get a straight answer:


    If a group of men dictate right and wrong to you from afar you are not using a conscience and you are not distinguishing right and wrong by exercising bible principles; you are following orders like a trained animal.

    Do we have a standing before god? Not according to the Watchtower Society. THEY DO. We are the dogs that beg at the table for scraps.


    How can an individual accept such treatment? How can anybody claim to have a SELF in light of such endless rule-making and enforcement?

    If God frees somebody they are supposed to be 'FREE INDEED" are they not?


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