Went to Godly Obedience DC

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  • david_10

    I noticed the baptism figure, too. Only 25 people baptized? Wow. That's terrible.

    Let me do a little calculating here: There's 200 congregations in a district, but they would have to split the districts up to keep convention size managable. I would guess that each convention has around 75 - 80 congregations attending----------------------that sounds reasonable, doesn't it? That would work out to around 5000 in attendance, and that seems to be what the Society shoots for. And only 25 baptisms? That averages out to 1 new publisher for every 3 congregations. All that time spent out in service, and they can only talk 25 people into signing on the dotted line? That's not growth........................that's pitiful.


  • Cognitive_Dissident

    and I'll bet the bulk of the 25 were not even bible studies. Seems like the majority of the newly baptized are teenagers and young adults who are fulfilling their social contract, and not wanting to be thought of as "bad association".

  • jeeprube

    My wife said the baptism talk made her sick. It used to be a rousing, faith inspiring talk, that made us all remember our love for Jehovah. This time it was entirely legalistic. Dwelling on loyalty to the organization. She also said that most of the talks dwelt on obediance to the elders and the FDS.

    Also, there where only 20-40 baptized at that convention. July in St. Louis, MO.

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