erm... we are drowning!

by googlemagoogle 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • avishai

    do you need clothes or anything?

  • googlemagoogle

    oh, that's nice. but no thanks, we are fine :-)

    some houses (not mine) were damaged but the local firefighters and the military are already handling everything. everything's back to normal (almost).

  • damselfly

    I'm glad you are okay! Great news about the dove.


  • sonnyboy
    ha! just heard the kingdom hall is under water.. lol

    Funny how God promised not to destroy the world by flood again but has no problem destroying Kingdom Halls.

  • Purza
    The Dubs will just use it as a photo op and try and get some free press of how loving and industrious they are.....some moron will actually conduct a meeting for field service, wearing hip waders, and say how THAT is the most important thing and even flooding can't stop them (hoping someone takes his picture)...then the 50 brothers with carpet cleaning/ restoration businesses will clamor over one another to do the work and bilk the insurance company out of as much as possible (oh wait floods aren't covered by most insurance) so they'll be doing freebees....scratch the 50 and make it 2.

    Is that so true or what! I can picture the whole scene in my head. ROTFLMAO


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