Just for Es....

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  • wanderlustguy

    Es needs a thread...I've noticed she's been in the dumps and seems to think no one really notices. Well, time for that crap to stop.

    You need to know you make a difference, just by putting in your two cents on any given subject here you make me crack a little grin, and I know I''m not the only one. To say no one really notices is to berate the contribution you make as well as so many others. Just by waking up every day and walking outside, looking up at the sky with free eyes you are a success. Just as so many others are who have made the journey to freedom from so many things, whether it be addiction, poverty, or an in the case of so many of us here, a religious cult. Every day you wake up and laugh you prove it can be done. Every time you post here there is a chance someone sees something you write and sees that Apostates are actually sweet caring people that shine far beyond anything they will ever see in "the truth".

    When you wake up in the morning, you should look in the mirror dead on and remember you are a gift, you are an example, you prove every day that there is life and happiness outside the Org. Even when you are down, you give us the opportunity to show we are incredible people, just by letting us know. Even your virtual family needs to know they are needed, and by doing that you help some of us who would sometimes forget why we are here and what we have.

    You are never alone hon, and you are very much appreciated. And you better be smiling.


  • damselfly

    I agree! I think you are fabulous (thanks to your lovely flower in your hair)

    Cheer up soon sweetie, we all luv ya lots!


  • nilfun

    Great post, WLG.

    *flowers for Es

  • misspeaches

    "Hear Hear"

    I second that Es... Whenever I see that you have posted in a thread I look forward to reading it.

    Your always a sweetheart and very much liked in these parts!

  • doofdaddy

    Same for me Es.

    You give the impression of "excuse me I don't want to upset anyone" but I always look out for your name and comments. I reckon there are lotsof people who lurk here that need your gentle input but never comment openly.

    Your doing just fine

  • luna2

    (((Es))) You're a sweetie pie!

  • chrissy

    ...agreed. you are much too sweet a gal to be stuck down in the dumps.

    I was thinking about you this weekend, trying to come up w. something helpful.

    I did a little digging and come up with these twelve reasons for you to smile...the twelve apostles just haning out in your backyard! I'd love to be able to call a place like this my home.


    Hope you are soon feeling better, Es:)


  • GoingGoingGone


    I hope you're feeling better today. You are such a sweetie.... and I love your picture, your smile lights up your whole face!! I haven't been on this forum for long, but your posts are always among those I look for.

    Lots of love,


  • GoingGoingGone

    Oooohhh!! Es!! You are the proud owner of my 100th post!!!


  • whyamihere

    Well all love you Es!

    I love all of your posts.

    Wanderlust...such a great idea for our girl Es!


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