Back to Iraq

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  • troucul

    As I sit here getting sloshed on vodka sours one more time, I just wanted to say I enjoyed my time here on the board the last two weeks. I won't be able to visit here as much as I'd like, but I'll do my damn best to try. Prior to R and R, I spent about seven months in Iraq, and am not sure how much longer I have to go in this tour. I go back Wednesday, if anyone wants to give me their email, I'd be happy to send pictures. (I'd also be infinitely grateful if anyone wanted to send me pix via email. Not that I don't want care packages (we really have all the supplies we need) but of all things, I've found that pix in my email keep me going. I don't care what they are of.)

    I'll post pix from time to time on this board (as long as they don't violate some sort of operational security.)

    If anyone wants to correspond with alreadygone, I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you. She's going to need a good lift every now and then. (my wife)

    If anyone wants to shoot the bull regarding what the hell is going on over there, I'd be happy to share what I can. I will only say that FOX and CNN are dickheads. What's the point of news if all of it is bad? It's not. I'll stop there.

    at any rate, enjoy your evening, for I will continue to get loaded, and I hope to hear from all you jokers soon.

    Simon-thanks to you, my wife and I have something to do in the evening (getting loaded and hopping on JWD)-I know, people must think we're fools, whatever.

    Princess- again congrats. I hope to one day compete against a formidable opponent such as yourself in a TRI on the east coast. (The Block Island Triathlon is da bomb)

    Valis-Stay cool.

    Celia-get a damn scanner, will ya?

    I'll post a pic of myself later on so all you jokers can make fun of me.

  • Elsewhere

    Good luck and stay safe!

    If someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back!

    You've got a PM!


  • carla

    Sent you a pm. Will be thinking of you, stay safe, carla

  • JH

    Keep the oil flowing.........................................

  • Celia

    Andrew, Take care, and come back.


  • troucul

    JH- I'm on it like white on rice Celia- I hope to SEE you and your S/O when I get back

  • Celia

    ..... here is a picture for you ..... one of the most beautiful villages in France .... at my doorstep ....

    alt Chateau-Chalon

  • troucul

    That is awesome. That's what I'm talkin' bout!

  • Celia

    uuhh.... what's a S/O ????

  • BrendaCloutier

    Toucus, Stay safe and return healthy!

    Hugs and pm me your email addy.


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