Do conflicts/arguments strengthen friendships/relationships ?

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  • JH

    Nothing that good friends can't work out Buttlight.

  • Billygoat
    On these hot August days I find myself returning to old ways........teasing a little here and there....he sees it as abuse and puts a stop to it.

    Teasing is fine to me as long as it's in love and at the right time. (If the recipient of the joke is not in the mood, then don't say it, no matter if they'd laugh at it another time.)

    But I know what you're saying. There was lots of teasing in our family growing up. But really it was rude and mean comments veiled in a funny comment. They were hurtful and had double meaning. I didn't like it AT ALL. I still hear my dad do it to my mom and I hate it. Hate it. I don't deal with passive-aggresive humor well. I think it's a cheap and chicken-$*** way to get your meaning across. Get out with what you want to say or don't say it at all...double entendres in love/hate jokes is not healthy IMO.


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  • Es

    I think it can do both.. yeah like it was said if you respect each other than conflict can strenghthen a relationship, but i know myself if involved in huge conflict for me it hinders the relationship a bit. es

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