What Really Is The Second Death?

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  • JosephMalik

    The second resurrection is of both the good and the bad! The bad come back to stand "trial" for their sins, get condemned and see what they gave up and to provide "closure" for those they abused. Then they die the second death.


    Awful, just awful. And that last sentence of yours? No truth to it at all.


  • Ticker

    Second Death - Fiery Gehennah mmm sounds like a Good Shooter at the bar. Ummm bartender two Fiery Gehenna's please!

    Seriously, I think its one of thoese debates where you could argue this way and show scriptures in support or argue the other way and have scriptural support. Its one of thoese matters depending on how it is interpretated, but I dont think it is going to matter and ones life will not depend on splitting hairs over certain doctrines. It will come down to the person inside, for interpretation belongs to God.


  • mapleaf18

    Second Death (noun):

    Def: Sitting through an entire Watchtower Study

    see also: Bored to Tears

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