Witness youths - born into a lifetime of service

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  • truthseeker

    Take a typical hardline Witness family.

    One day, they decide they want kids.

    They already have in mind what their chilren should do when they leave school. That's right, no college!

    From the moment that baby is born, it's future has already been mapped out.

    Over the next few years, the child will have attended thousands of meetings, gone out for hundreds of hours, perhaps thousands, in field service.

    By the time the child is an adult, he/she will have missed 18 birthday parties.

    The child is taught that he/she will be different, they must stand out.

    Jesus is never taught as having a central role to the childs faith. Instead, the child is told that he/she must make "service to Jehovah" their career.

    Anything the child gets good at, or takes an interest in, is secondary to "Kingdom interests."

    The child is told they cannot attend afterschool clubs, can't play with the kids on the block, and can only play with "spiritually mature" kids in the congregation.

    Instead of watching cartoons on Saturday, the child is dressed up and told that they must give presentations at the door.

    Forget holiday time - when the child is not at school, he/she may be expected to auxiliary pioneer, perhaps even regular pioneer.

    When the child leaves school, he/she is told that "university education is out" and they should get some trade (according to the October 1st, WT).

    Then the time comes, when the child must make a decision - whether or not to get baptized.

    Over the course of 18-20 years, the child has been denied so much, and I mean basic freedoms. The freedom to choose whether or not to celebrate one's birthday. The freedom to choose subjects at school. The freedom to choose one's friends, and the freedom to choose whether or not to go to university.

    Jesus said that, "my yoke is kindly and my load is light"

    But the child never gets to hear that. Instead, the child just hears and thinks about the words, "in Jehovah's service."

    Sounds like the military to me.

  • jeeprube

    Having lived exactly what you describe........It sucks dude!

  • tsunami_rid3r

    thats perfect, i'm using that for a chain letter. you totally described my life. thanks.

  • RichieRich

    excellent synopsis.

    Make sure you include the part about where they find themselves, and start fighting back.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    Body: There are religions out there that oppress basic human freedoms of how they worship. One denomination I would like to inform you of are the Jehovah's Witnesses. You may know them from their door knocking. People mistake them for Mormons, but you can identify the Jehovah's Witnesses by the magazine they carry, "The Watchtower". These denominations are totally different, and this one is far more horrible.

    Take a typical Jehovah's Witness family:

    These people claim to be Christians, but from their actions and beliefs, it's very unloving and oppressive. Spread the word, let the world know.

    Repost this. For me.

  • anewme

    This is one reason I'm glad I did not have children as a witness. But my love for them might have caused me to leave the borg sooner as I saw their beautiful lives so stifled.

  • Rayvin

    man... who here got to wait till they were 18 before asked to be baptised?? I was pushed at 14.

  • PaulJ

    I was dunked at 16. I could not agree more with this....

  • damselfly

    I wish baptism hadn't been brought up until I was 18! I never would have done it. What choice do you have as 13/14 year old child being told that if you're not a JW you need to find somewhere else to live?


  • Rayvin

    The talk i heard that pushed me to do it was " God doesn't listen to your prayers unless you are baptised" i was so upset that i have been praying and talking to Jehovah and he never heard me .

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