Hey! Is this encouraging masturbation???

by starfish422 19 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • starfish422

    From http://quotes.watchtower.ca/women.htm : (highlighting mine)

    It is high time for girls to understand the make-up of their bodies and its functions, especially with regard to sex. Then if a girl understandingly takes care of herself while the ovum is at large and is causing sex disturbance and cravings within her, she will be able to act like a true lady of irreproachable morals at all times. She will avoid the violating of her virginity and the shame and conscience-stricken state due to this; and wisely she will direct her young life so as to end up in the position of a clean, happy wife and mother of legitimate children, journeying to the new world of righteousness, where there will be no sex problems amid a sex-crazy population.

    This is from a 1961 Questions from Readers. So by "takes care of herself", do they mean she should get herself off so that she can avoid plastering herself all over the PO's son at the next book study??

  • sonnyboy

    Good question. Is this encouraging beastiality?

    we can learn about nature and sex from the bovine family of mammals, both wild and tame.
  • prophecor

    Wanted: 1 Bovine Female Cow

    All others need not apply

  • sonnyboy
    Wanted: 1 Bovine Female Cow

    Let us know what she teaches you.

    It's funny that the WT said we can learn about sex from cows, yet I saw a video where a bull tried to rape a farmer.

  • SixofNine

    Starfish, I've asked the same question at least 3 times on JWD. That's certainly how it reads to me. It's always been ignored by other posters however, and I'm gobsmacked as to why.

    I think it is a quirk, a mental phenomena at work. People cannot get their mind around the idea that the WT might have encouraged masturbation, so they don't even mentally process a sentence which obviously seems to being doing just that.

    Personally, I think a writer slipped in his own opinion, and it got thru. The fact that it was talking about women, likely made the male-centric editors and governing body comfortable in letting a sentence they didn't fully process get into the WT. Or, as this is written very "Franz style", if he was the writer, no one would question. Also, the writer obviously saw women as a species apart from men, and so might not have even seen a woman "taking care of herself" as analogous to a man "masturbating"... that's just how disconnected those old fools were. I'd be interested to know how many other references to the word masturbation the society had made in print prior to 1961?

  • kid-A


  • Ticker

    Yes sure seems like its shouting "Masturbation" to me. I can't see how it could have any other meaning in the way it was written.


  • Scully

    This line always cracks me up:

    while the ovum is at large

    kind of like it's a fugitive from justice or something... LOL

  • wanderlustguy

    "Take care of herself"...more bathing?

  • Scully

    BTW, I certainly agree that this seems to be a ringing endorsement of female masturbation. Bear in mind, though, that the Bible only condemns a man's spilling his seed so as to waste it. The view in ancient times was that semen was entirely responsible for creating new life, and that women were merely receptacles that bore the children that grew from a man's "seed". There was still ample opportunity for a woman to conceive "while the ovum is at large" and a couple of self-induced orgasms wasn't about to interfere with her ability to produce a child.

    Granted, even by 1961 it was clear that ova were required in addition to sperm to produce children, but perhaps the WTS realizing that no genetic matter that could produce a child was being wasted during the act of female masturbation, or drawing upon the still rather conservative and sexually repressed culture that existed in North America at the time, didn't really think that "nice girls" did those kinds of things anyway. And the girls who did were compared to cows.

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