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  • talesin

    Well, I got a call today. As you may know, I am painting a couple of flats for my friend, who is into property management. The guy who owns the property I'm painting is quite impressed with my work. He wants to know if I will do some cleaning for him,,, 'damage deposit' cleans ...

    Now, the damage deposit cleans are very lucrative work. However, he wants to pay me the hourly rate I am getting for interior painting ... which is fine, for now. Usually, I clean by contract, which works out at 15-20 bux an hour, because I am very good at it. I've seen the place he wants done, and it's an easy job, so I will take the $7/hour he is paying (yes, that's right folks, ain't capitalism great? as he goes out on his yacht and pays his peons starvation wages, but he is an okay guy, and I do like him in spite of his cheapness, for he is fair and good to work with) for a couple of cleaning jobs. Then, he can refer me to his friends who own properties, and they can hire me as a contract worker!

    This morning, I saw my friends who sell their artwork at the Market. The wife is now designing some interiors for some wealthy folk she previously did cleaning work for (she is very talented! and used to teach jewellery making at the art college). So, she needs a contractor to work with her (she is designing tiled floors, amazing work), and has taken the number of my friend who hired me to paint as a 'finish man'. He finishes ... ie, builds decks, cupboards, lays tile, anything you need done, he is handy and good at what he does. Sooo,,, there is more work for him and me, perhaps. Networking is the way to go, peeps!

    I already have another friend who is willing to work w/ me on the painting/cleaning, and he is reliable, fast and works like a dog! We can do quite well with this, as non-drunken (iow, reliable) painters and cleaners are hard to find.

    Sooooo, with the craft co-operative slowly getting underway, and this side labour, things are definitely looking up in the 'talesin household'.

    (btw, if anyone would like a 'theme quilt' designed and made, let me know )

    Wanted to share this good news with you folk, just as I have shared the bad times. It's so good to get your encouragement when I need it, and I'm hoping that this will make one person's day, someone who built me up when I was down.

    Thanks! from me and Blue.



  • Legolas

    Great news!!

    btw, if anyone would like a 'theme quilt' designed and made, let me know )

    Can you post a pic so I can see what you are talking about?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


  • wanderlustguy
    Sooooo, with the craft co-operative slowly getting underway, and this side labour, things are definitely looking up in the 'talesin household'.

    This is one of the times I love to say "I told you so."

    Awesome news!

  • damselfly

    That's super great news, hun! Definetly take contract on the next ones okay? No need to sell yourself short. You make quilts? That's talent.


  • ballistic
    Wanted to share this good news with you folk, just as I have shared the bad times.

    Yes, it is good news, well done tal.

  • shera

    Good for you! Very happy for you Talesin!

  • talesin


    I am three-quarters through my own quilt, Phoenix Rising, which represents my personal life journey. It's really coming out better than I could have hoped, and is a 'keeper'. I will send you a piccie when it's done, which should be September (due to the busy time right now!). :D

    One really good idea, is to take clothing from kids, mom & dad, etc., for sections of said quilt, and have a picture transferred onto one piece of cloth. A family 'collage' quilt can be made (that's one of my ideas ) ... I also paint fabric (jeans and tee shirts), so if it is a piece for a particular theme or individual, symbols could be painted on some squares ... let your imagination run wild!


    It's about time huh? Thanks. You are sounding better as well, in spite of having to deal with some dickhead doctors (I know exactly where you are coming from there, looking at surgery #3 within the year, once again,,, grrr!).


    And this is one of those times I don't mind saying "you were right!"


    Oh yes, that is where it's at,,, 30-50% of the damage, and guaranteed to satisfy the landlord. Everyone is happy! Supplies are cheap, and no vehicle required. Two or three apts per month is all that I would take on, though. There are only so many hours in the day, unless I intended to hire other people. But that is a matter for future consideration. Re, the quilts. I have a friend who used to run a craft co-op. She loves to sew, and is very talented. So, she teaches folks to make quilts. We are collaborating ... I design, we cut and sew together, it's all good!

    Thanks, ballistic! It's nice to share the good news, hey? Maybe next year, I will make e-man's bbq, and get to meet you all. That would be cooool! But we would have to have logical and the celt in attendance. I will threaten them into submission.

    Shera, things are looking up for both of us.

    Okay, there is more. Slowly but surely, I am weaving a web here,,, my friend who is the beginning interior designer ... she can paint, but doesn't enjoy doing it. I however, love to paint windows, using translucent acrylics, and would like to get started painting kids' rooms, or details on kitchen cabinets (or think of accents in the bathroom, hand painted to your theme ...). So, I see potential there. She just called me, and will go slowly with the designing, but I feel this is her 'niche'. The energy around this is very good. Her husband is an awesome photographer, and his career is just taking off. He is having his first show in September (she is designing it), and we are going to have one fabulous opening nite!

    Blue is very excited, and wants to know, "How soon are we moving to the country? And I am going to have a puppy to torture play with when?"


  • Legolas

    Thanks I'll look for the pic in Sept.

  • talesin

    Hey, maybe you should have a shopping trip before Xmas and see it in person!


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