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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    One of my biggest pet peeves at the k.h. was when I would see those not in the right clique get forgotten. So easily they would slip between the cracks. These were the people that meeting after meeting would look longingly for someone just to say “Hi how ya doing today Brother so and so?” I honestly can remember very specific people, often times older ones who couldn’t get around quite the way they used to. The nicest people in the world. Some times these ones were disabled and others didn’t know how to approach them. Many times they were ones that had become the target of slander.

    There was so much to be learned from these individuals. I learned a lot from them. I wonder how they might have affected the lives of the people who by passed them.

    Interestingly, when I look on this forum, there is always someone I can learn something from.

    I got some great advice recently. It basically went something like this:

    To keep myself open to be taught by a person(s) that I wouldn’t expect to be a teacher. That what I have to learn will come from so many different kinds of persons.

    Now, we all have our favorite posters on this board. Ones that we look to for certain kinds of information. Some we might look to for more info on the org itself, others pass along specific info re: the child abuse, still others we look to for a great laugh.

    Are there any posters on this board that we might not expect to learn something new from? Do we already have some people categorized and don’t look much further then that? Are there any posters that if we tried a different approach we might get something new and more valuable then we ever thought we would?

    What about other forums? What other ones are there you could go to, that you wouldn’t think to go to, that could be incredibly valuable?

    What about in day to day life? Neighbors, baby-sitters, certain family members, the cashier at the grocery store? The elderly man in line behind us at the pharmacy who has maybe a quart of milk and a couple of cans of soup perhaps?

    As witnesses we were always taught to share our knowledge with people we meet on the street. What about learning something from these people?

    Have you ever ended up learning something valuable from some one you didn’t expect to learn much from?



  • Valis

    Hi BlackSwan...actually that is one reason I love working for my college...I meet new people all the time and constantly learn new things..whether it is stuff about a student's home country or even something new that stumps me as far as subject matter. Hopefully I never stop learning and when I do the worms will be ready for a feast....Have a great day

  • Rayvin

    My own daughter. She is 4 and she is so smart. Some would say "pop her in the mouth for the things she says" but I in some way enjoy her cander.

    Last night at dinner she was eating mac'n'cheese (her choice) and asked her cousin that was sitting next to her for a french fry from his plate. I told her " no you can't since you have your own food to eat and thats his food." She replies " mom, I was talking to him not you". What I got out of it was..not you smart mouth kid.. but wow.. even at a young age they know more then we give them credit for. She learned to say that from listening to ME. She just hasn't learned that its not respectful to use it to her parents. It reminded me at how young but still smart I was while going to JW meetings. I would second guess myself since I had doubts but was told if I had enough faith I shouldn't have doubts. I would want to say stuff back to the elders but felt I wasn't supposed to or I would get in trouble. I knew to respect my parents and not say smart-mouth comments to them but I felt compelled to say things like that to the elders but still didn't.

    I will from now on allow my kids to voice their opinions -if said disrespectfully I will just teach them a better way to say it. Not teach them that thier ideas don't matter.

  • Valis

    she was eating mac'n'cheese


    even at a young age they know more then we give them credit for.

    Eheh the last time my kids were here we were watching jeopardy and I missed a question...the 6 year old comes up and says daddy you keep missing questions, you can't be a teacher anymore..

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hehe, considering I have 2 kids 3 and 5 yrs old, I know what you mean. My oldest has taught me so much.

    Valis, for some really strange reason, at one point when I was thinking of this last night, I thought of your cat Sinnamon.

    I guess, the point there was, maybe there is so much we can learn from our pets.


  • Valis
    I guess, the point there was, maybe there is so much we can learn from our pets.

    you mean like knowing exactly when to open and close the door for them in a prompt and courteous manner?

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking, along with learning that if you get the kitty litter they Don't like, the consequences of such actions.

    Or on the other hand, responsibility, compassion for life cutting coupons for cat/dog food.....


    Black(cat) Swan

  • stillajwexelder

    Although I know I can be a little arrogant at times I always try in life to have the attitude that I can learn something from every person on the planet - it is a sensible and mature attitude IMHO. So yes certainly I can learn something from every poster on this board though of cousre I do have my favorites

  • Terry

    I like the idea of mentors.

    In Europe, (in the days of old) young people (mostly men, alas) enrolled in a guild. They would learn step by step the proper way of practising a particular profession from the bottom to the top. Once they reached the top they were a Master of Trade. At this point they could go into business for themselves and take on new apprentices and start the cycle of learning all over again. A very practical method.

    I think mentors would help the young in all facets of life. However, in this country we've substituted FAMOUS PEOPLE for mentors. A sports hero, a pop singer, rap "artist", movie star, etc. are the people looked up to and emulated.

    How do young people learn about LIFE? Mostly from second-hand sources. They form their world view through cynical manipulation of their mind by advertisement, fantasy and entertainment.

    The exceptions are interesting to look at. There are ALWAYS intelligent and active minds that pierce the veil to peer into the sanctum sanctorum of REALITY. Some people, you see, just won't settle for second best. They must know what IS and why it is.

    Specifically to answer your question; I find the most exciting moments in life come when somebody challenges me to look at things from a different point of view. Sometimes it will be an insight or a fundamental that triggers the reaction. It sets me THINKING! People who think in terms of fundamentals are always brilliant because they build their view of life step by step on rock-solid actuality.

    On the board here there are highly intelligent people on both sides of all the issues. I'm most fascinated by HOW their opinions are presented; the style and the substance.

    I divide the posters into two distinct groups.

    1.People who FEEL their way around in life and drag their brains after them like a palsied limb.

    2.People who demand facts, reasons and methods.

    Most of the time confused thinking comes from trying to mix the two methods and failing to define a concept clearly for themselves first before offering it up here on the board.

    Anybody who posts here has the potential to surprise, amaze and inform. It can come from anybody at any time. I've seen it happen time and again. Never will I underestimate the power of the human mind to explode a myth, demolish a false premise or deflate a pompous ass.

    That's one of the reasons I stick around here. I learn far more than I offer for trade.


  • jaffacake

    Blackswan & Terry,

    Excellent posts which make us THINK. You guys express a lot of how I feel/think, but express it so much more coherently. I would just add that I often learn the most from those with whom I disagree, but it can take longer, and tends to work more on the subconcious.

    The only thing I'm uncomfortable with is the JW-style eagerness to classify people

    I divide the posters into two distinct groups.
    I know aht you mean, but there are probably about six billion classes and growing. That is six billion, less about six million.

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