Its gone so fast!

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  • PaulJ

    Hi all

    Just wanted to post this topic as it is my 1000th post!!!! I joined here very very 'green' just over 3 months ago.

    My first thread shows how clueless i was-

    I feel the need to thank everyone for being so good to me and welcoming me to the site.

    There are too many people to mention... but special thanks to Tijkmo for being such a mate.

    Also to Simon for running this website- it has made the biggest difference in my life and I cannot explain how good it feels to be out of the Org and free from guilt.

    And thanks to everyone else who has been supportive and given me their kindness. You are all brilliant- thanks for having me!

    All my love


  • EvilForce

    I remember your first post. You were convinced the JW's had "the truth". How do you feel now?

  • PaulJ

    They couldnt be further from the truth! I cant believe how I didn't question things before- but Im now realising how they had such a control over me and how brainwashed I was. I was a sheep in the truest sense of the word.

  • EvilForce

    It's an eye opener here isn't it? Whew!
    But glad to see you stuck around.....and here you are 1,000 posts later.

  • PaulJ

    Eye opener??? You can say that again! Its like waking up with a blinding light in your eyes! It took me a while to adjust not just my thinking but THE WAY i thought and approached things. I wore JW goggles to start with.

    After I read CoC I told Amy (my wife) that there is no way I'd ever go back to the JW's (previous to that I had never ruled it out) and she told me that she sighed a huge sigh of relief, because although she wouldnt have stopped me, she knew how difficult it would be for us if i did so.

  • tijkmo

    this is one of those situations where it is nice to be told you were of help when you never actually realised it at the time...

    hope your next 3 months are as good for you

    congrats on becoming jedi


  • pr_capone

    Congrats mang..... hope there is a thousand more left in ya. :D

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • out of the box
    out of the box


    Congrats for still being here and not quieting your hunger for truth! You have kept up your search for a better life and a happier one. I have been out of the JW a long time now. Some of the decipline training stays with you because it was so intense. One of the things that stays with you is reading about the truth. Only NOW it is a different truth, it is one you are allowed to research all you want and talk about all you want. And... you can GROW from what you discover. No longer are you stuck as one elder told me once "you can only move ahead as fast as the slowest of us in the cong." No more LIMBO!

    out of the box

  • doofdaddy

    Good on ya Paul. Amazing what you can learn from evil twisted apostates....

  • PaulJ

    Before JWD I have to confess i was lead to believe that all Apostates were angry and bitter, foaming at the mouth. Now I look at it so differently.

    For a start, the word 'Apostate' means someone who has left their religion behind. Nothing to do with being against the JW's, you are Apostate if you simply leave them.

    Now im happy to be one.

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