JWs are not a cult................

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  • luna2

    I didn't recognize JW's were a cult until April of this year. Didn't matter that I hadn't been to a meeting for nearly four years, I still believed they were IT and while I believed, I couldn't/wouldn't see the organization for what it really was. I'd get very angry when people would call it a cult...I had this idea that cults made you hand them all your money and forced you to live in communes. duh.

    As soon as I came to the realization that they weren't telling the truth, had never told the truth, kept changing what they'd taught as the "truth" and, therefore, couldn't possibly be the "faithful and discreet slave" as I understood the title, it was literally like a switch was flipped. Boy, was I ever angry and embarrassed. Damn cult!

  • logansrun

    You have just as much chance of proving the JWs are a cult as you have of proving the superiority of chocolate ice cream over vanilla. A cult is a human construct, not some Platonic form. All you can say is you believe the JWs are a cult as is popularly defined. Period.

    And I, for one, will defend chocolate over vanilla to the death.


  • jaffacake

    Hi gadget, I've taken a copy of that quote. I intend to make good on that pint I owe you soon!

  • misanthropic

    Even after I had stopped attending meetings, my husband would tell me the witnesses were a cult and I would get really uspet and defend them. He would bring printouts from websites to try and show me but I wouldn't read the "apostate" literature as I had been taught. I remember getting really upset thinking he was never a witness so he just couldn't understand.
    Now when I look back I laugh, I cannot believe I ever was ever like that! I was so afraid to even see for myself because of what I had been taught as a witness. Hello..... red flag! Now I am sure it is a cult and I am glad to no longer be any part of it.

  • Confession
    All you can say is you believe the JWs are a cult as is popularly defined.

    Agreed. Basically, today a cult is "any group that the mainstream finds significantly weird." It's a term that becomes attached to a group like the term "witch" used to be attached to individuals. Most don't really know what it is, but when someone calls you one, look out!

    High-Control Group? Sure. Dangerous Organization? I'd say so.

  • Honesty

    JWs are not a cult................

    Hmmmm...... could have fooled me.

    Wait a minute... they did for almost 15 years.

  • logansrun

    Here's a great article on the "cult" controversy:



  • Es

    Would you believe nobody ever said anything to me bout being in a cult, like i mean they never said it was a cult, maybe if they had i would have been out earlier. For me and for many others im sure it was a way of life, I mean i was teased bout being a JW but it was never labelled a cult es

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    Any religion that controls your thinking up to the point where you will die for that cause, is a cult. For example you make the choice for yourself or your child to die rather then have a life saving blood transfusion because of your belief in the after life. Also, when almost every decision you make is based around what you are told by some controlling old men in Brooklyn, that for me is signs of a cult.

  • oldflame

    When I was just two weeks from being baptised I got my first computer and was online the first thing I typed into the search bar was the word "CULTS" ..I had found a web site that listed all known cults. The top three were first on the list was the Mormons ,,,second was Jehovahs Witness and third was the Seventh Day Adventist then came otherslike the moonies and Branch Davidians etc. It was that moment I decided never to go back to a Kingdom Hall again.

    I hid from them when they came to my house, I would not go far from home in fear I would see someone I knew there. I eventually moved and never told others and especially the Jw's when or where I moved to. When a JW would come to my home we would get into some discussions and they would ask me if I had ties with them in some way because of all I knew about them. I used to say no I just studied all religions.

    Today I could careless if they know where I live or what I think. Today I am free because I was broken free from the devils grip and really found the true Christ.

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