She Cut My Radishes Into Roses!

by Swan 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Ellie

    Thats very sad and I feel for you, I hope that you can try the letter thing as I'm sure you will always regret it if you don't.

    I also suspect that your mum doesn't love her god more than you, shes probably just hopeing that one day you will return to the religion.

  • katiekitten

    Dont regret it Swan, it wasnt your fault, you were a victim and so was your mum.

    You have done the best thing by ending your victim status, the real tragedy is your mum is too brainwashed to get out too.


  • Gill

    Hi Swan!

    You're a free woman now. Go and see your mother and tell her what you feel. There's NOTHING to lose. There are no longer any chains around you. I doubt very much she'll turn you away. You may be surprised at her reaction.

    Good luck to you, remembering that in life you have to aim for 'no regrets and nothing unsaid'!



  • Swan

    Thank you everyone. I feel better now but sometimes it just really hits you hard. I am so glad this forum is hear for those rough times.


  • bikerchic


    I haven't seen Mom for almost 12 years now. I don't know how much longer she has left before she dies. She's 78 this year. I heard she is ill with a rare form of Parkinson's. I doubt she will ever read this, but I am really sorry for taking her baby away from her. In a different world it wouldn't have had to happened, but life in this world is so unfair for a parent and child who love each other, but are so diametrically opposed in their life paths.

    It's still not too late who knows it might be the beginning of something great. I hope her JW heart has softened toward you and I'm sure if she heard your apology it would mean a great deal to her. Do it now Tammy it will be the only way you'll ever know.

    Thanks for sharing this personal part of you, you have a gift with writing.

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