Need District convention program

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  • misanthropic

    ozziepost, thanks for posting this topic, I neede a copy too, Thank ezekiel3 for posting the schedule.

  • Finally-Free

    3:45 Symposium: “Be Obedient to Those…

    Taking the Lead”

    By Loyally Supporting ‘the Faithful Slave’

    By Our Humble Submission to Overseers of the Flock

    These types of talks were guaranteed to get my blood pressure up. Yes, even victims of child abuse must OBEY THE ELDERS when they're told to shut up about it.

    11:10 Youths—Are Your Goals

    Leading You to Success?

    Of course they would use this opportunity to trash education and encourage people to pioneer™ straight out of high school. What they won't tell you is that you'll be worn out at 40 from all the hard menial labour, as well as destitute.

    Same old shit with slightly different titles. Same theme:

    OBEY!!! And keep eating the shit we present you with!!!

    Yeah, right.


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