A pertinent question revisited: Food for Thought - Reorganization of JW's

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Great post and very interesting replys

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    ``Talks of having commercial printers take over the Society's operation

    have been heard, and the layoffs of thousands of staff members reported

    to be imminent.''

    Years ahead of the curve, our friend Tom Cabeen ran the numbers; i.e., did a cost analysis and demonstrated quite compellingly that the WTBTS would be much better advised to ``outsource" printing and send thousands of their bloated global Bethel bureaucracy packing. The same can be same about their ``outsizing" of the food requirements at Brooklyn and Patterson facilities,as purchases from third-party suppliers have proven much more cost-effective than maintaining farms and other production facilities.

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    I speculate that the next two years may lead up to some interesting developments in the WTBTS. I don't think they will ever fall in this period, I believe their here to stay for awhile but I do think in a few years they may take a facelift. IMO


  • willyloman
    .... but you might discern a sort of drift away from the Society's authority as contributions decline, brothers don't wana be elders, kids don't wanna be Witnesses and everybody is faking their field service time.

    Yeah, and wait'll they get ahold of the new Oct. 1 WT which officially repositions the Society as opposed to higher education (again).

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