Who Do You Miss in The Troof?

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  • anewme

    I am out now four years. I have not had contact with anybody in the troof except my ex in that time. He kindly was emailing me and even had me over to collect my personal baby pictures and those of my parents who are both dead. He emailed me some pictures and news of the nieces and nephews we share (eleven of them all in the troof)
    His emails stopped the day before I married again.

    I am happy now. It is just my new husband and I up here in a remote canyon. No hassles, no meetings. But every now and then I get a "pain" of heart, a twinge of intense sadness when I think of those beautiful children I will never see again.

    Also my ex. He was a good man who really loves the troof..............more than he did me.

    Also my dear friend Kerstin. Funny I've been thinking of her so strongly. I wrote her when I first got Dfd. I know her heart goes out to me. I know she misses me too. She has no way to get a hold of me if she did want to comfort me.

    I think I'll write to her and let her know I love her.

    As much as I try to move forward, I will never forget the ones I loved I have left behind.

  • GetBusyLiving

    I don't really miss any of them anymore. I wish my dad was out but he still talks to me.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I miss 2 extremely good Friends from my old Cong.They still speak to me if they see me (in Tescos etc)...but no social contact at all.

    I look beyond the conditional love aspect and just see 2 very decent people who see fit to exclude me from their life.

    However ,it is their loss ..i may have lost 2 very good Mates in the last two and half years,but have gained far more Friends just by generally widening out in the local Community and taking an active part in it,something that was ,of course,discouraged as a JW.

  • PaulJ

    I miss family and friends the most. I dont miss any of the JW life, just some of the people. Never give up hope of seeing people, things change, they always do.

  • daystar

    There are a couple guys I miss. They're not Witnesses any more, I don't think. But one was my betrayer, and the other simply has his own life now.

    What I really miss are all the hot sisters. Humina-humina!

  • onintwo

    My daughter. She's 24, beautiful, and totally dedicated to Jehovah. She calls about once a year, talks only for a few minutes. Then she's lost to me again. It's truly heartbreaking.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Mostly childhood friends: Shelli Schafer (now Rena Cox) Tom Mosier (former sirname Klutz) Maureen O'Neal (dunno married name) Flemming Blixt (I was madly in love with him) Randy Piltz (may be in British Columbia), and others. And my nephew Nathan Valentine.

  • avishai

    Ironically, it's those that are out, too, but will no longer hang with me, as they still have some of the "beliefs" or "know it's the troof", and won't hang because I'm so anti.jw and they equate that w/ me not "loving jehovah" blah, blah, blah."

  • Ellie

    I miss my niece, shes the kindest most lovliest person I have ever come across and shes so unhappy, I want to help her but she won't speak to me.

  • Vassago

    I don't miss a single person. I am happy now, I feel as if a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders.

    I feel alive!! There are so many people out in the world to meet and learn from and just look at. Everyone is beautiful, JW's made people out to be all vicious and evil and out to hurt us.

    That is so not true.

    Do you remember that feeling of anger and sadness that you had when you were in the troof, I know that has lifted, you can not dwell upon those people those things.

    Life is so very short, enjoy it and live each day as if it were the last!!!!

    Be happy that you are here and how many friends you do have and that do really love YOU!!!!

    Me ~

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