women's intuition?

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  • onintwo

    Ok, can someone, maybe women in general, tell me what this one is all about? The dictionary seems to indicate it means "arriving at a conclusion without any reasoning". What, just sort of a gut feeling?

    And why is it called "women's intuition" anyway?


  • Confession

    Some like to think of intuition as a magical power. In reality what is at the heart of intuition is miniscule data. A person known to be particularly "intuitive" is someone who has learned to get in touch with such data. Perhaps they are good at detecting lies. Whether they realize it or not, they have picked up on certain cues provided by people throughout their lives who they know have lied. Maybe it is a tone of voice, an eye movement, facial tic... The possibilities are truly endless.

    From my study of human temperament, it's clear that women are generally more intuitive than men. What this means is that about two thirds of women are more intuitive than they are concrete. But it's also true that one third of them are less intuitive and more concrete, and roughly one third of men are more intuitive. So it's certainly not across the board.

    I've known and paid close attention to highly intuitive people--men and women--for years. They certainly have some advantages--but I'm convinced it can also cause them problems. The problem with many highly intuitive people? They are right just enough of the time so that they get to thinking they're ALWAYS right. And they're not. No one is. Example...

    HE: Well it was nice to get together with Bill and Sue tonight.

    SHE: Did you see the dirty look Sue gave me?

    HE: Dirty look? Uh, no...

    SHE: Oh yes, she very definitely gave me a dirty look.

    HE: Are you sure? Look Sue was happy to see you; remember how she gave you a big hug?

    SHE: And I know why she gave me that dirty look too...

    HE: Do tell.

    SHE: She's mad at me because I didn't go to the movies with her that time.

    HE: The movies? That was like eight months ago!

    SHE: I know--can you believe how she just can't let it go?

    Now sometimes she's right, but sometimes she's not. And the problem with many highly intuitive people is they remember all the times they were right in their intuition--but often forget or dismiss all the times they were wrong.

  • Gill

    Hi Confession!

    Basically, I think that you're right! I have always been highly intuitive, however, I am now beginning to balance my intuition by remebering all the times I was wrong as well. I tell you, there's something to be said for 'life begins at forty'! I feel wiser than ever before, now I have the gift of intuition and the gift of being able to step back from myself and consider a more balanced approach!

  • Eyebrow2

    Women's intuition is the ability we females have to know when something just ain't right...but may not be able to put our finger on it when we first feel it. Or, to tell that something IS the right answer...etc.

    Believe it or not, my 5 year old daughter has amazing intuition. When we were looking at houses when we moved, I asked the kids which one they like the most. The older ones said the first one because of how it was set up, and being near a park, etc...etc...my 5 year old thought for a moment, and gave me THAT LOOK she gets after heavy contemplation. she said:"The house with the garden. That is the one we need, and that is the one we will get."

    Well, my husband and I weren't too picky and were going to go with the one that we were approved to rent first. And it was the one with the garden (which was a lawn and trees hahhah), and we did really need it since it was bigger...and it turns out was within walking distance of two of the schools our kids went to.

    She has done stuff like this other times as well. Especially with our ferret...she seems to know when he is going to be playful or going to be obnoxious. I don't know how to explain this child at all...I just hope she uses her powers for good and not evil hahah.

  • LongHairGal

    I believe in women's intuition. Sometimes men are clueless (but not always). In some fields, such as police work, men are trained to listen to their "gut" feelings - which is intuition.

    Children have a keen sense of intuition because it is not clouded with social nonsense that is learned later.

    Many times my intuition is right or very close. Years ago when I was active I mentioned to a sister that I knew that certain gossip came from a certain group of people. She said "do you have proof"? (In other words, I shouldn't think "ill" of anyone unless I have concrete proof dropped in my lap - like that will actually happen). I said "no but I will trust my instinct regardless of whether or not I have actual proof and I will act accordingly".
    JWs are in the habit of dropping their guard because they think everybody is their "brother".

    Society in general tries to get us to not listen to our inner voice. But I say to pay no attention to society. Listen to your gut or intuition.

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