Any XJWs in San Diego?

by anaperfection 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • anaperfection
  • FlyingHighNow

    Looks like you changed the entire purpose of the thread. Tricky one.

  • anaperfection

    Lol!! Oops. I swear I typed something for this thread. . don't know where it went.

    Anyhow, the gist is: I'm moving from St. Louis to San Diego next month. I wanted to know if there were any XJWs in San Diego so that I could maybe meet up with them.

  • rebel8

    Did you try ex-jw/

  • delilah

    Anaperfection, you lucky duck you!!!! I have relatives in San Diego, but they're not Jw's or exjw's....but I'm sure there are plenty of them's a BIG town...enjoy....wish it were me moving there...

    Delilah ( I'll give you the name of my uncle's restaurant , it's in the Italian section of the city.It's called Vincenzo''ll love it..)

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