Does anyone know?

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    I've always liked goats - I guess that should have been a sign...

    Off topic: My grandmother has been pioneering for nearly 50 years. She's 93. She once told me a story about a bible study she had where, every time they discussed some point, the woman would object; "But, what about...", "But, doesn't that mean..," "But...," "But...," "But...."

    One day my grandmother read the scripture about the sheep and the goats. She asked the woman, "What does a goat do when it's mad?" The woman answered, "It butts!" Grandma says, "Well, that's what you've been doing ever since I started coming here!"

    Sadly, the woman stopped objecting, finished her study, and got baptized.

    I used to think that was a really cute story...

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