Jehovah knows the heart

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  • joelbear

    Okay, i've been wanting to post about this anyway, but defd saying in his post that some people here are good and Jehovah knows the condition of the heart. well i agree.

    so then, why is the preaching work necessary at all. shouldn't god just look at everyone's heart.

    and don't heart conditions change based on circumstances. at one point in time will god judge that a person has a good heart.

    is an evaluation done of everything that ever happened to that person to bring them to be the person that they are.

    i think everyone is born with a good heart and that their environment shapes them.

    are people born evil? wouldn't that be predestination?

  • trevor

    The world is in constant flux as are people and their emotions.

    It is simply not possible to label people, or their hearts, as good or bad as though they were a make of car.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Too true. So why do the dubs think HE's superficial?

  • Elsewhere

    Then what is the purpose of DFing people?

  • ringo5

    What I remember is that there's only 1 way Jehover can tell what a person's heart condition.

    It is demonstrated by how a person reacts to the truf thus this is why the preaching work is so important...

    I guess if they don't hear the Kingdumb message before the end comes Jehover has to kill em' just to be on the safe side, or by default. (and then WE'RE bloodguilty)

  • BluesBrother

    Classic fudging of the issue so they can have it both ways.

    1] Jehovah knows the hearts of us all and makes perfect judgements so all the dubs consciences are salved , they are not preaching a nasty cruel message and can sleep at nights.

    2] At the same time, you had better haul your sorry ass (Getting American here) out on the ministry and to the meetings, otherwise you will be slaughtered and fed to the vultures on the big day.

    which ever mood they are in, they have a teaching to fall back on .

  • thom

    Most JW's I know have told me that Jehovah "knows" who is good and who is bad and it's HIS decision to make. They say this when trying to counter my comment that the FDS teaches that ONLY JW's will survive armageddon. It's been said in the WT but many JW's like to overlook those comments.
    I guess it's how they push out of their mind the horror that they are "looking forward" to when God kills billions of people.
    But one brother at least put it clearly to me a while back when discussing when my daughter should get baptized. He said "No unbaptized blood will pass through armageddon." At least he says what he believes. (He's dead now)

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