Who Else Has To Wash Their Garbage???

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  • tetrapod.sapien
    Trees are a renewable resource and they use "tree farms" now for paper anyway, so it's not like we're tearing down rainforests to make newspaper.

    i don't mind tree farms at all.

    but we're still cutting old growth forests (boreal in canada) for some paper and tissue products, which is idiotic. http://kleercut.net/en/theissues

    and actually, for all the environmentalists in canada, we suck ecologically as a country. our government really does not seem to give a rats ass about the environment or biological diversity. we seem to think that since we're big and have lots of nature, that we can just farm it out to other countries.


  • jgnat

    Use a silicon spatula to scrape out the last useful bits. I rinse my recycleables after the regular wash, it doesn't have to be perfect. That cuts down in the washing. Edmonton has a world-renowned recycling program.


  • Leolaia

    I bet that could be found at............. SPATULA CITY!! (Spatula City!)

  • jgnat

    Woooow! Spatula City is REEEAL? However did you find it Leolaia?

  • Valis
    Woooow! Spatula City is REEEAL? However did you find it Leolaia?

    She mods a spatula fetish board... duh!

  • Leolaia


    As you know, there's just one place to go for your spatula needs! And because we eliminate the middle man we can sell our spatulas factory direct to you!

    Where do you go to buy spatulas at a fraction of retail cost? SPATULA CITY! SPATULA CITY!

    Don't forget that they make grrrreat Christmas presents!!

    What better way to say "I love you" than with the gift of a spatula?

    We sell spatulas..... and that's all!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Leo, I'm thinking of something...something orange...can you guess what it is?

    No Apologies(aka Stanley Spudowski)

  • Dan-O

    Mrs. O washes some of our trash, usually the empty cartons from half-and-half. And then she leaves them upside down in the sink instead of throwing them away. It pisses me off that she washes out the cardboard carton just so it can go in the same trash can with rotten food scraps and litterbox scoopings.

    I mean, I can see rinsing out aluminum soda cans so that we don't attract ants to the kitchen while the cans accumulate in the recycling bin. Ditto for milk jugs. Rinse 'em & then put 'em in the recycling.

    But then if it was up to me? I'd toss it all in the garbage. Until the city is willing to do curbside recycling, I don't wanna drive three miles out of town to drop it all off. I'm wasting more in gas and time than I'll ever see in overall financial benefits from recycling.

  • eyeslice

    There is an answer to all of this - don't buy prepackaged products.

    In my home land, there are virtually no supermarkets, despite a population of over 1 billion. In the main, people buy their food for the day in the local market, then cook and consume it the same day.

    By the way, the average Indian uses a quarter of the power the average American wastes.


  • DazedAndConfused

    Here in AZ we are not "required" to recycle. I did because that is what I felt was right. I meticulously sorted and, yes, washed. I quit recycling when I went out one day to see our garbagemen taking what I had meticulously sorted/washed and put it in the regular trash. One of the guys yelled out "Look out, someone has seen us!". I know, normally they recycled, normally they DID separate things, but when it came to this day,....I quit recycling. I am all for recycling, I am all for the environment....but this did nothing to instill in me the desire to recycle.

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